I'm a freelance hair & makeup artist, I mainly work in TV with celebrities and presenters on entertainment shows. I also makeup design dramas, comedies and the occasional commercial. I started this blog mainly because I get asked the same questions all the time so, after repeating myself for 10 years, I thought I would start a blog and I could point people to it whenever I'm asked for the zillionth time 'what's the best foundation/mascara/primer/shampoo?" etc. I love what I do and Im lucky enough to work with some amazing brands and a ridiculously large range of products meaning I have a lot of expert knowledge to share, along with all the tips that I've learnt in my career over the years.

I do get the occasional PR sample but mostly the products featured come from my kit that I've received from brands either in leu of credit from jobs or ahead of specific high profile jobs. I don't have any brand association and everything I say is my true personal opinion. It's very rare I will say anything bad on this blog as I don't feature bad products, I'm only interested in the good and great ones that actually work brilliantly. I only comment on products I use and nothing goes in my kit that I haven't tried and declared amazing.

Feel free to look at my Press page for more information about me and do get in touch with any questions you have regarding something you've seen on the blog or anything you would like to see. You can also watch my makeup tutorials on my YouTube Channel and get involved with the chat on the Facebook page, my Twitter and Instagram, where I often post behind the scenes filming photos (and lots of yummy vegan recipes #notfilmingfood).

If you are a makeup artist or thinking of becoming one do read the Meet The Artists series of interviews (my favourite part) with many respected hair/makeup artists from all areas of the industry; special effects, film, TV, fashion, celeb and beauty, for their tips and advice on a makeup career. 
Please do not contact me for assisting opportunities. 

Many thanks for reading and I really hope you enjoy the blog.

Annie Levy 
(Sep. 2011)

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