Trilogy Rosehip Oil £31.50/$34.13

Most blog followers know my love for natural products, I have a whole section on this blog for excellent all natural products, and my clients know my love of oils. This one really is one of the best you can get, genuinely this will be the best money you have ever spent. I have converted nearly all of my actors and celeb talent on to this Trilogy Rosehip Oil and everyone who has tells me how wonderful it has changed their skin. It is the real deal. Whatever the condition of your skin this oil will make it better, I promise you, and I don't make those promises lightly.

For dry skin this is exactly what you need (and drink water), sensitive skin, oily skin, any skin issues this will make it so much better. It will smooth skin, dramatically improve moisture levels, regulate sebum for oily skin, and minimise appearance of fine lines.. especially if they are dehydration lines (if you don't drink a lot of water they are always dehydration lines). The Omega oils and antioxidants in this oil are truly wonderful workers, your skin will look so much better, smoother, glowing and more radiant.

Use this under or instead of your usual moisturiser. It's very lightweight you can apply makeup on top and it wont slip. I use this on every single talent that sits in my chair, every. single. one. It also lasts a long time, you don't need much as it goes a long way and it's very good value for money. To the many of you who have written to tell me you bought something I recommended and it was a fantastic purchase, this is the next one to trust me and try. Enjoy the fruits of my experience!

In the US? You can buy Trilogy Rosehip Oil in US here.

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