Murad is one of my favourite brands, their products truly work, they'e functional, they do what they say and they feel luxurious, it is a really wonderful brand. All Murad products contain antioxidants, anti inflammatories and hydrators to prevent irritation, they never react on anyone and I trust them implicitly with every type of skin I have sat in my chair. Murad has a plethora of problem-solving products, they are a great brand to treat any particular skin concerns from acne through to hyper-pigmentation. The Invisible Perfecting Shield is just one of many excellent products from Murad that I love and rely on, and I will certainly blog about others at a later date.

But this product is one of my most used items in my kit, I use it on everyone for every makeup I do. The Invisiblur is an innovative anti-ageing treatment, primer, and invisible SPF 30 that immediately blurs and protects while combating the signs of ageing. It blurs fine lines and wrinkles and improves dullness and and uneven texture so i
t treats, blurs and protects all in one step, it's pretty incredible. It's lightweight with a matte-finish and a velvety texture that creates a lovely smoothness and texture on the skin that works on its own but works particularly best under makeup. The skin smoothing part works so well I'm always staring at my ladies on set thinking how young they look and it's down to this! This is an incredibly popular product among makeups artist for this exact reason, it's a wonderful product.

In the US? you can get Murad Invisible Perfecting Shield in the US here.

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