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Some of the incredible demos done at UMAE

UMAE Expo had it's 4th annual show last week in London and again proved to be the best professional trade show for UK makeup artists, it's the grown-up responsible show that is a pleasure to attend. If you've been to IMATS this is a completely different experience; there are no huge crowds, the education is second to none and the best part is the show is still small enough that you can see all the demos clearly and are close enough to ask questions to some of the worlds best makeup artists. The brands on sale are only brands that professionals use and cover everything you might want or need, it's a fantastic opportunity to buy kit supplies at very good discounts*. The show really is frequented only by professional makeup artists who are working in the industry, you are very likely to be standing next to Catherine Scoble the BAFTA winning makeup designer of This Is England or Love Larson, Oscar nominated makeup co-designer for The 100 Year Old Man, also shopping and chatting with friends and colleagues.

The education over the weekend was another level. There were continued classes and talks all through the weekend by the main pro brands; Kryolan had various talks and demos, as did Screenface, Mehron, PAM and Stuart Bray. There were some great educational talks including ones from Titanic makeup designer Tina Earnshow, Oscar nominated makeup artist Eva Von Bahr, Head of makeup and wigs at the National Theatre Giuseppe Cannas and Mandi Milton from The Milton Agency. As usual the PPI stand (where I like to hang out) led the charge with incredible demos by Dan Gilbert, Stephen Murphy, Adrian Rigby, Richard Redlefsen and the oscar nominated makeup designers Eva Von Bahr and Love Larson. Kristyan Mallet also did a wonderful demo on the PS Composites stand. 

What UMAE offers over it's two day weekend is incredible and I can't really stress how much I enjoy it each year, the professional and very chilled out crowd factor plays a major part. There are brilliant demos happening at nearly all the stands and it's so great that you can actually stand right up close and watch them happening and ask the artist questions. There are a lot of makeup 'masters' at the show, especially at the PPI stand, who are genuinely lovely people and happy to talk to you and answer questions. And there is literally no other place or time in the world you can talk to legendary Stephanie Kaye and ask her about wigs (google her). 

My advice to all professional UK hair & makeup artists; if you are interested in education, learning and getting great discounts from brands you can only get from the professional stores such as PAM, Screenface, Charles Fox, Love Makeup, MaqPro and Guru then it's worth the trip to London to do your shopping at the show and soak up the ridiculous amount of knowledge that is in that room. I've never been anywhere that is so completely dedicated solely to professionals and it's utterly at your fingertips to take as much from it as you want to.

Also, while I have your attention, UK hair & makeup artists who work on screen, please, please visit and join NASMAH, AND check out my 'Meet The Artist' interviews, a great learning resource and really interesting reading with brilliant artists whose careers go back decades.

*Tina Earnshaw brushes are still on sale with 30% discount with the code 8VWG2N2 on her website here.

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