If you don't suffer from dry lips, lucky you! as you will have no idea how painful and annoying it is. And I don't mean your standard common dry lip, I mean the cracked and sore dry lips that some of us suffer from that nothing EVER fixes it, where wearing lipstick is a dream we once had until we tried it, suffered for 3 days and swore it wasn't worth it, where life is just a constant battle of being one crack away from peeling your entire lip off and applying lip balm more often than you look at your phone.
If you don't suffer from those dry lips be thankful and move on. If you do, please know I am one of you, and my whole life has been about finding the perfect lip balm to cure this misery. I wish I could tell you I found the cure but I haven't, but out of the hundreds I have tried (and I do actually mean hundred) I have found three that actually work for a bit, and I couldn't live without any of these, as in I would literally have a panic attack if I didn't have one in my purse.

1. Clinique Superbalm Lip Treatment £13/$16
This is fantastic, reallllly fantastic. It is a bit gloopy and sticky like a very gloopy gloss which I don't love but others may. It's also a small tube and expensive so it doesnt last long (at the rate I use it), but boy does it work very very well, on a miracle level I would say.

2. Blistex Relief cream £2.65 
This stuff is what dreams are made of. I don't like to use this as my sole lip balm as I have a feeling it cures and perpetuates the problem like vaseline does, i.e. makes you use more. but it does work, even on deep cracks, lips feel really comforted and cooled after use. And for the amount I use I love the price. You do need to apply with a mirror as it can leave you with white lips, not good for reapplying in the cinema or anywhere there isn't a mirror.

3. Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm £7.25 or £12 for 2 (comes in a few different flavours)
This is amazing, such a great find. It doesn't have the immediate cure that Clinique Superbalm does on deeper cracks but it still works, and it's excellent to use when lips are ok. The consistency is my favourite of the three, there is no gloopiness or excess shine, it applies the easiest and feels the nicest.

I do worry the more I use one I will develop a tolerance and it won't work so I use all three at different times of the day, in my opinion that's the best way to get the most out of them.

I also recommend applying Coconut oil, it must be raw, cold pressed virgin Coconut Oil, like this one. It doesn't last too long on the lips, so I like to put this on at night to soak in. 

If you suffer, like me please trust me when I tell you the ones listed above are a godsend and definitely work where others haven't. I couldn't possibly list all the ones I have tried, I would be here forever, but please do share any products you've had success with in the comments, I'm sure I have missed out some to try and the hunt never stops. And please do not insult me by suggesting Vaseline, Carmex, Khiels or 8 Hour Cream, of course I have tried them and they do nothing!

Ps: you may also want to look at my Serious Creams For Seriously Dry Hands post.

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