Filling in bad brows and making them look bigger (and natural) is the story of my life, I am obsessed with brows whether my own or other peoples. At work I spend extra time on all the brows in my chair, I like to think it's my 'thing' and that I give good brow, probably because I've been obsessed with trying to make mine bigger for 25 years since I plucked them all out (it was a 90's thing). So, speaking as a self-appointed brow expert, I like to think I know a thing or two about brow products, I've used eyeshadow, pencils, wax pencils, brow zing, other powders, mascaras, but I've never used a brow mousse before and let me tell you this one is pretty spectacularTarte's Amazonian clay-infused brow mousse is so good, I am converted!

There are two reasons that make this such a great product. 
1. The formula is really light (with a light touch) so it glides on really easy and and blends seamlessly so no harsh lines or waxy buildup
2. The mousse minimizes oil around the hair follicle to keep pigment in place and stops it from flaking or transferring. 

It really does go on so easy, so fast. I'm super fast anyway having done it for 25 years but I'm even faster with the mousse, what took 60 seconds with a pencil now takes about 15.  And the staying power is fantastic, I have never had any brow product last all day. I have spent the last 25 years trying to remember not to touch or rub my eyes in case I wipe my brows off (happens all the time), they come off in the rain, I've even sweated them off (lovely). But this little pot hasn't moved during HIIT gym workouts or any accidental knocks or smudges, which is an amazing feat. I will say it did not last a Bikram class (yoga in 104 degrees- lot of sweat and wiping) but that was just wishful thinking. It's so great for summer and running around all day, it just doesn't budge or melt, it's supposedly waterproof and ok with swimming and but I've not tested that. 

It comes with a good double ended brush that I also use. You use the angled side to apply using short, upward strokes. It's so important to use a very light hand, I can't stress this enough, please, no more horrid Instagram brows. Always use the spoolie comb after to brush your brows up which makes them look more natural and thicker. It comes in five colours, I use the Rich Brown which is a little dark for me but I use it so lightly, with hardly anything on the brush and it works great. I will say it is not ideal to carry in your handbag for touchups so, for emergencies, I still carry a pencil in my purse, but with that said I have yet to use one because the mousse doesn't move! For my favourite brow pencils (just in case) go here, and if you are trying to grow your brows you must try this, it's a miracle for growing brows and hair!

*It is available to buy on Amazon UK but it is much cheaper to buy from Sephora US and ship to UK, even with the postage. It's also extremely worth the money, if a pot lasts less than a year you are doing something wrong!

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