Lots of people suffer from dry, sore hands in the winter. I get terribly dry, sore hands all through the year, mostly from washing my hands all day and I'm sure makeup artists are not the only job that involves a lot of hand washing and sore hands. Hopefully my short list of tough creams will help some of you out there. I have tried tons and TONS of different hand creams, there wouldn't be enough room to list them all, and most of them didn't do anything to help when my hands were particularly bad (Nivea, E45, Atrix, etc). However, I have had lots of success with these to fix my hands when they've got so dry they've cracked, as well as keeping the dryness at bay when they are in good health. Click the links below for more detailed info, and prices.

Serious creams for seriously dry, cracked hands

1. Burt's Bees Hand Salve, A Farmers Friend*
I love this stuff, it's greasy when you apply which I usually hate but it sinks in super fast. My hands react well to this and easily halts a dry breakout.

2. Lyons Leaf Healing Blend Calendula Cream 
This is my miracle cream, amazing for any type of skin issue it's great for acne/razor burn, rashes and also for sore dry hands, plus it's completely natural. It's a bit too greasy for an every day hand cream but an excellent option to have on hand when your hands really need it.

3. La Roche Posay Cicaplast Mains
One of the better regular hand creams, it works great but it leaves a greasy film for too long, it's a good few minutes which I don't love (so impatient) but it does excellent work so this is good to use this at night when you get into bed.

4. Hand Chemistry Triple-Function Hyaluronic-Rich Hydrator**
Definitely the best of all hand creams, especially for feel; theres no stickiness or greasiness feel at all, it has quick absorption and excellent results for dry hands. Top buy for regular use.

5. La Roche Posay Cicaplast Baume B5
The 'Wonder Cream', another all round skin fixer. I don't use this as an every day hand cream as it's too expensive but I will use it when they get very sore or on specific dry bits. It works excellent and so fast, hands back to normal in no time, plus it absorbs very quick. Excellent to have incase any parts get really bad.

6. Balneum Plus Cream
This is a specialist treatment for dermatitis, eczema and other painful skin conditions and the cream that fixes my hands if I let them get to that awful cracked sore state. Brilliant at prevention, fast absorption, serious fix for serious problems.

7. Viridian Organic Calming Moisture Balm
Again not strictly for hands but it does a great job soothing them and keeping them smooth. Too expensive for every day but great to have on hand if you feel them start getting dry or sore to bring them back to normal (and for dry skin issues anywhere).

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**Get in US here

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