Sometimes I shock myself I haven't blogged about certain items and it is crazy to me I've haven't mentioned this cream when I could not work without it. I probably use this at least once a day on either myself, whichever talent is sitting in my chair, or on one of the crew. I call this the wonder cream because it is literally a wonder cure for so many things, it's probably the most used item in my kit and the one I go through the quickest because I'm always pulling it out to give to someone on set to use.

The Baume B5 is an incredibly fast working and successfully soothing balm that aids quick recovery of the skin. It has a highly reparative formulation for all kinds of skin issues including chapped skin and intense dryness. It's also anti-inflammatory so it calms bumps, bites and rashes while actively repairing the skin. I have had this since before it came out a couple of years ago and have gone through tubes and tubes of it, on myself and on so many people for so many different ailments from rashes, small burns, dermatitis flare ups, sore lips, dry patches on the face and body, bites, and it miraculously cures them all within a matter of hours, and sometimes minutes. That's why I call it the wonder cream, because it's incredible. It has a non-greasy finish making it a makeup artist kit staple but it's a brilliant cream for everyone to have for minor injuries and those mysterious 
everyday skin irritations that pop up out of no-where. Ideal for use on sensitive skin, it soothes and protects any sensitive or irritated skin and is suitable for adults, children and babies.

A little note on sensitive skin.. I often mention that La Roche Posay is the best brand for sensitive skin or any kind of skin issue, I've used it in my kit for years and never had a reaction from anyone. A couple of their other products I love, that are ideal for sensitive skin, is their Hydraphase Intense Soothing Rehydrating Mask and their excellent redness relief 
Rosaliac CC Cream for rosacea sufferers.

*In America you can buy here.

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