I have found the holy grail tool that makes my life easy and it's these palettes by Cover FX, a makeup artist's dream item. I think they were initially made for the Instagram girls who enjoy the Kardashian style contouring which, if that's your thing, these are fantastic kits that combine four matching shades to highlight, illuminate, and contour.. perfect for subtle contouring. But where they really excel is being an absolutely brilliant cream foundation in idyllic packaging that should be in every makeup artists kit.

Here are some reasons why every makeup artist needs these:
*Small enough to take up very little room in your already massive and heavy case, you can massively reduce the foundations you need. 
* Made of a very light and very robust cardboard that will not smash or break in your kit, and will massively reduce the weight of your kit.
* Each kit has three similar toned colours that you can match to any skin tone without the need to ferry through bottles and tip out liquids to mix on the back of your hand. 
* Just three of these in your kit will have every skin tone covered.
* The cream formulations are excellent, perfect for both men and women. They melt into skin and completely disappear, ideal for male grooming.
* Excellent quality foundations that have exceptional coverage without being heavy or looking like you have makeup on. They cover imperfections flawlessly and disappear into the skin.
* They don't move from skin.
* The small pans contain a lot of product.

I cannot stress enough how amazing these kits are, every makeup artist should have one. I've used N Light nearly every day on myself (it's my current favourite foundation for myself) and N Deep at work every day for 2 months on well over 100 different people and it's excellent for everyone. All makeup artists need these to make their life easier, trust me. There are six to choose from, you probably only need three, but even if you had all six these would take up no kit space or weight and seriously decrease the weight you carry in foundations, it's amazing.

For non-makeup artists; if you like to contour, use a highlighter or if you change colour a lot through the seasons get this, it's an all in one prefect product. Plus it comes with a cool photo description how to use it to contour.

Finally, I also have to mention the matching Cover FX foundation/concealer brush as it's the best foundation brush I've EVER used (big statement), it is like magic. I highly recommend everyone gets both the kits and the brush, they are worth every penny. Can you tell I feel quite strongly about them ;)

In America & Canada you can buy here.

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