I don't want to be overly dramatic but I think this must be the greatest stuff of dreams. I have said this just a few times on the blog, not many, and I stand by each one.. this is one of the best products I have ever used, it is truly amazing and everyone should have it. I talked about Viridian products before, they are a wonderful family owned-and-run company that I discovered on my 100% natural products search. They have a large range of award-winning pure vitamins, beauty oils, and speciality supplements (go here to see more about the company and some of my other Viridian favourites).

This Rose oil is a mix of the best oils you can use for your skin in their purest form. The ingredients are wonderful oils to use alone if you wanted to, especially Rosehip, Neroli and Vitamin E, however Viridan has made a wonderful mix that I cannot rave about enough. Blended for dry and dehydrated skin (which we ALL have unless you're drinking only 3 litres of pure water a day) and great for ageing skin, blemishes and acne, this premium organic ultimate oil is formulated without any synthetic fragrances or colourings and contains Rose and Neroli oil, among other oils, to restore elasticity and repair and firm dry, damaged and blemished skin. See below for the oil breakdown and benefits.*

This oil has a very short surface time on the skin which means it is rapidly absorbed without leaving any residue. I use this on everyone's face before I put one their makeup (male and female), no matter how oily their face is, especially if I am in a rush.. it works better and faster than any other cream. My great tip for everyone, and other makeup artists, is if you have to quickly apply makeup over makeup, first smooth some of this oil and it will stop your makeup caking on top of the old makeup. It is perfect for every kind of skin type, issue and complaint, and it's invaluable for makeup artists to have in their kit.. no more caked makeup no matter how dry your actors skin is, or flare ups from sensitive skins. I also love how small the bottle is, it's perfect for travelling. The only down side is it's a little pricey for 15ml, especially compared with larger bottles of pure Rosehip oil at half the price.

*Rosehip Oil is amazing as a daily moisturiser on its own. It is incredible for smoothing fine lines and evening skintone, great for anti-ageing, perfect for sensitive skin, excellent at cell and tissue regeneration for dermatitis, acne, eczema and repairing acne scars, and exceptional for dry and dehydrated skin. It rapidly absorbs leaves no oily residue.

*Buckthorn Oil reduces skin inflammation and promotes the natural skin restorative processes. This oil is well tolerated by any type of skin and provides long term anti-inflammatory, restorative and revitalizing action.

*Pomegranate Seed Oil moisturises and nourishes skin, restores the skins correct pH balance, fights damage-causing free radicals and leaves skin super soft and smooth.

*Neroli Oil is excellent for skin cell regeneration and improving skin elasticity, great for acne. When used in combination with Rose Oil they work together to firm the skin, smooth wrinkles and eliminate blemishes, capillaries and redness.

*Rose Oil is a wonderful anti-inflammatory agent and tissue regenerator. It is also high in antioxidants and offers amazing properties of hydration and redness reduction.

*Elderberry Oil contains over 80% essential fatty acids, key elements of healthy skin. It is an effective emollient and is particularly good for skin products designed to prevent or reduce dry skin conditions over a long term basis. It helps improve skin smoothness and elasticity whilst improving skin barrier function by reducing trans-epidermal water loss.

*Almond Oil is excellent for moisturising and is often used to treat dry skin. It also contains vitamin E and vitamin D.

*Hazelnut Oil has proved to be very effective in tightening the skin, acting as a superb toner for the skin. It also aids in the regeneration of cells and strengthening of capillaries.

*Sesame Seed Oil is great for keeping skin moisturised, healthy, hydrated and nourished, excellent for dry skin care and skin rejuvenation. Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and maintain youthful skin, it's also known to be beneficial treating skin related disorders like psoriasis and eczema.

*Evening Primrose oil nourishing effects on skin, useful in relieving various conditions including dermatitis and eczema

*To buy in America go here and change the currency.

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