Growing up I had the thickest eyebrows, like Brooke Shields in the 80s (above left), but I have had the shittest eyebrows for over 20 years and it's all Linda Evangelista fault. When she shot to fame with her pencil-thin eyebrows in the early 90s (above right) I plucked my eyebrows so thin and they never grew back properly. For the last 20 years I have tried every kind of brow pencil and shadow there is to fill in my gaps (I even had them tattooed which hurt like hell and didn't work), and these are my favourites (in no particular order) tested on myself and in my kit. These are the one's you will always find in my makeup bag and all of my handbags as I never leave the house without one of the following.*

ALWAYS use a spoolie (brow comb) to brush your brows after pencilling as this softens the pencil so you don't look like you have drawn them on (no scouse brows). These favourites are all retractable which is perfect, no need for sharpeners, and they all glide on and LAST. Except the MAC and Clinique ones (keep up guys), they all come with a spoolie on the other end which is genius for throwing in your handbag, one less thing to carry and more hygenic.

Please note these pencils are perfect for serious filling in, if you have great brows (lucky you) my preferred way of defining them is with an angled brush and matching eyeshadow, that is a much softer and flattering look.

To buy in America go here:

* Ps. if you ever see me in person the best thing you can say to me is your eyebrows look great.

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