I feel like chemicals in deodorants are well known to be a cause of Breast Cancer, but maybe a lot of people don't know that since the number of affordable chemical-free deodorants is extremely low compared to the amount of 'supermarket' deodorants, and not that easy to find. Aluminium is the main chemical that many companies are starting to omit from their deodorants (Sanex for example), but it's not just Aluminium you want to avoid. I have the BRCA1 gene, which statistically means I am rather likely to get breast cancer at some point, so I am quite fanatical about what I eat (see my Instagram for lots of no-sugar and non-processed recipes) and I don't want to use a deodorant with any chemicals increasing my breast cancer risk. But I also don't want to smell, which is why it has become my life's mission to find a natural deodorant that works as well as my brilliant Dove dry stick.

I will say the results have not been good. While I never usually write about bad products (this blog is only about sharing the great and good) I'm going to add every natural deodorant I try and say truthfully whether it worked or not. I will continue to add to the list as my hunt goes on, we only need one good one and I'm still hopeful! 

I'm not a particularly smelly person so the first test for every deodorant is just doing regular house stuff on a day off, nothing too strenuous. If they pass, the next test is a regular work day (leaving the house, using public transport, changing temperatures, running from the makeup room to set etc). If they pass that then the final test is a full work day plus a hard HIT gym session. I will continue to update this list so please come back and check, and if you have any recommendations for me to try let me know!

1. Soap Walla Deodorant Cream (£12.95/$14)
The best so far, this deodorant is fantastic and passes every test. It was recommended to me by a very hairy guy and he has never had a problem with smelling so I think the rest of us are safe. An excellent product, it does exactly what you need it to, however it's the worst design ever made. It comes as a cream in a pot so you have to use your fingers to get it out which I hate. I have to then go back in the bathroom to wash my hands which sucks in the morning rush, and it takes tons of soap to get off your fingers. Plus it gets under your nails when you get it out the small pot, wasting so much product. I have tweeted and emailed this small company numerous times to ask/beg them to make it in a stick format and they have never replied, not a fan of poor customer service. If this came in a stick form it would be the worlds best deodorant. It's also ridiculously pricey for a deodorant.

2. L'Erbolario Meharees Crema Deodorant £8/$13

This is as good as Soap Walla (although I think Soap Walla is more hardcore in a sports situation), plus I love the smell but others may not as it is quite heady. It is also a cream that needs to be applied with fingers which I cannot stand. It does come in a tube so there is no wastage or stuck under nails but I hate I have to go back to the bathroom to wash my hands and it takes so much soap to remove. If they made this in a stick form it would be excellent. Again, so pricey for a deodorant.

3. Dermalogica Enviromental Control Deodorant £16.24/$22

I love Dermalogica, it's one of the best brands out there but not for deodorants. This gave me no protection for the first test of walking round my house. It does have a lot of very good reviews so maybe this was just me. Price is insane for a deodorant, although it's pretty big and would probably last a long time.

4. Melivita Purifying Deodorant 24 Hour Effectiveness £11

5. Melvita Sensitive Skin Deodorant £11
Melvita is a lovely brand, they make lots of fab products that I highly recommend, including the best smelling body oils in the entire world, but both their deodorants gave me no protection and failed the first test.

6. Le Couvent Des Minimes Everyday Natural Deodorant £7/£13.50

A very nice affordable French body and skincare brand, they do lovely gift sets and particularly great hand and feet creams for very dry skin. The deodorant gave no protection and failed the first test.

If you want to read my reviews of other great 100% natural products, click here.

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  1. Omg just seen this! I absolutely agree! You need to try Arbonne! Having a safe beneficial product under the arms is so important and one that works! Just had a validation from a fellow consultant that it's passed her menopausal under arms test too! 😍

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