Viridian Skin Repair Oil £15.76/$23.96 100ml

Continuing with my 100% natural products search I'd like to tell you about a wonderful company called Viridian Nutrition. Viridian is a UK-based, family owned and run, company with a rather large range of award winning vitamins, minerals, herbs, oils, and speciality supplements. All Viridian products are as clean and pure as can be and guarantee ethical ingredients and manufacturing procedures; they use only non-GM, non-irradiated and 100% active ingredients with no additives whatsoever and no added sugars, no colourings or artificial flavourings, plus there is no testing of any products or ingredients on animals. From seed to recycling bank they maintain an ethical philosophy at every stage. 
They have a lot (a LOT) of great products and I've tried a few, but my absolute favourite product probably in the world (not just from Viridian) is their Ultimate Beauty Organic Skin Repair Oil. It is a delicate, nourishing, very easily-absorbed oil that does wonders for skin. It is made from a very clever blend of soothing, natural organic oils in their purest form, blended together to produce the ultimate topical oil; there are no synthetic fragrances or colourings, just pure ingredients of the best oils known for skincare*. 

It's advertised as a face and body oil to aid in the appearance of stretch marks, scarring and uneven skin tone but I use it solely on my face. I first thought I didn't want to waste a small bottle on my body but I have been shocked how far this 100ml bottle goes. I have used this oil twice daily, morning and night, for 3 months and I have used maybe a quarter of the bottle, probably less. It is fantastic value for money. Considering how cheap it is for  how long it lasts (and how good it works, lets not forget) I wouldn't hesitate to also use it on any targeted areas for stretch marks or scars. I haven't used it for this so I can't comment on it's success but as a beauty treatment there are no better things to use on your face than natural products, or oils, so you will never go wrong with this. Skin is nourished, hydrated, smoothed, more even, glowing and healthy, it smells delicious, it's calming and I love it. I can't recommend it enough for all skin types. If you feel your skin could be better in all sorts of ways I'd always recommend using natural products (fragrances and chemicals are usually the triggers for most skin issues) and this is by far my favourite oil I've ever used, the incredible value for money is an added bonus.

*Organic Sunflower Seed Oil, Rosehip Fruit Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Borage Seed Oil, Wheatgerm Oil, Calendula Flower Oil, Lavandula Angustifola Oil and Vitamin E Oil.

*To buy in America go here and change the currency.

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  1. This sounds to be a fab product for the scars from which I too suffer and for long how have also been looking for some good hyperpigmentation treatment. I will surely give it a try

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  3. Most haircare products contain chemicals and synthetic ingredients
    which are easily absorbed by the children's delicate skin
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