I recently talked about the best way to grow and fix weak or broken hair, but this post treats the other most common hair problem.. how to fix dry, frizzy and porous hair, or to just have incredibly shiny hair. L'Anza Keratin Healing Oil Hair Treatment is fantastic to completely heal and reverse dry, brittle, frizzy hair into a wonderful glowing mane, it will seriously make even the driest and frizziest hair look incredibly shiny and healthy. When I use this I am constantly told how shiny and healthy my hair looks and it feels so much stronger, i
t's probably one of the best products I've ever used. Another major benefit is that, as well as major healing power, it provides thermal protection against heat styling up to 260°c, the heat actually activates the treatment making your hair stronger as you dry it. It also massively (massively!) reduces drying time, which is so great if you have lots of hair that takes ages to dry, and it means you're using less heat which is ultimately the best thing you can do for your hair.

It's supposed to be used 2 ways; 1) regularly as a leave-in treatment then washed out and 2) smooth a tiny bit over hair before blowdrying for a smooth and incredibly shiny, frizz-free blow dry. I can't stress this enough! your hair will be super glossy shiny like you've only seen in the magazines and Chelsea, it's really something. You must only use a tiny amount or your hair will look lank and greasy, which is great as that means a 100ml bottle, which is fairly expensive, lasts forever; I've used mine a lot over 6 months and it's barely reached a quarter way down. As a hair treatment this is far superior to any other healing oil product, like Moroccan or Argan Oil for example (and has played a big part in fixing the awful hair nightmare where I destroyed my hair). As a topical styling product, to make hair look shiny, healthy and eliminate frizz, it is unsurpassable. For dry, frizzy or weak hair, or just thick, dull hair that would love to look shiny, this is a must, must have.

To buy in America go here (free worldwide delivery - change the country to USA for $ price)

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