Sometimes I look at a product in my bathroom or makeup kit and think wait, have I really not blogged about this product before? and it's always a really unassuming non-showy-off product that I use regularly and completely rely on and this is one of those examples. I was so shocked I hadn't already blogged about this mask that I had to type it into the search bar to check. This Hydraphase Intense Masque by La Roche Posay is my rock, I know I often blog about other masks and they're all great and each do something wonderful, especially when my skin is in good shape. But it's when my skin is not in good shape that this is the mask I ALWAYS pick up. 

I drink a lot of water, I preach about drinking a lot of water and I'm a great advert for drinking a lot of water (good skin and no lines nearing 40) but sometimes days get away from me and even I skip a few days and when that happens I immediately see it in my face where lines and spots start to appear, that's when I reach for this mask. When I wax my upper lip and it goes red and gets spots that's when I use this mask, when I've been in the sun and got sunburnt that's when I use this mask, if I have a facial that scrubbed too hard thats when I use this mask. The pattern is whenever there is something wrong with my skin this is the mask I use and it always without fail fixes it or kickstarts the repair and healing for an imminent fix. 

I go on a LOT about La Roche Posay products and that's because they work and it's what I love about them. I'm not going to go into the science as you can read that yourselves but I will say this is without doubt the most reliable mask I've ever used, and I use a lot. After use skin is so intensively rehydrated that it plumps up the complexion so it glows with health and appears more uniform (good at reducing lines and spots) and immediately feels soothed and comforted. Very importantly Hydraphase is not just for dry skin, it's perfect for sensitive and acne-prone skin, mostly because these problems are a direct result of dehydrated skin. If you have a lot of sensitivities, don't drink enough water, get dehydrated breakouts, have dry skin, irritated skin, hungover skin, generally unhappy skin, I can't recommend this mask highly enough. And it's cheap! Comes in a 50ml bottle that lasts ages.

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