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Thinning hair is a problem for so many of us, undoubtedly to do with lifestyle, diet and chemical treatments, including products like shampoo that are packed with chemicals which we use on our scalp. It's really no wonder it's a problem for so many women. It's been over a year since I wrote about my horrific hair nightmare how I destroyed my hair. A quick recap: after going blonde the entire front and top layer snapped off to few inches long leaving me not only with a crazy short top layer but very weak and thin hair that continued breaking and snapping off. My hair now is so much better but no-where near it's "before" state and definitely still in recovery. The top layer length has nearly caught up to the bottom but still slightly weak, prone to snapping and thin looking overall. Over the last 18 months I've used a lot of different things to help get my hair stronger and thicker so in turn it will look healthier and grow longer. I feel like I've become a bit of an expert on the subject of thinning hair, I've done a LOT of research and these are the products I've tried for long term effects, not quick fixes, good and bad. 

1. Viviscal £39.95/$39.99*

A bit of an industry secret, it probably needs a whole post on its own but I'll be brief and you can do your own research. These pills are packed with minerals and vitamins that specifically target hair strength and make your hair grow. They are a long term commitment and they say you have to take them for a minimum of 6 months but I noticed a difference after 2 or 3. I have had a lot of success with these and I know others who have also, they definitely make my hair grow very fast but I still have lots of shedding. They aren't cheap but they are worth it. I continue to take these and I can't imagine stopping.

2. Phtyo Phytolium £45.50/$65*

An intensive oil treatment you rub on your scalp 3 times a week after washing your hair. I used this for a month (one box) and noticed a huge difference with stronger hair, new hair and very little hair shedding, there was virtually none which is unheard of for me. I then went straight on to the Vichy Dercos (below) right after.

3. Vichy Dercos £36 (click link for deal at £30.60!)/$NA

Similar to the Phyto treatment but more intensive (and more expensive). You massage into the scalp on dry hair daily for 6 weeks for an intensive treatment, or as an up keep 3 times week for 6 weeks, so this works out expensive. I continued to see the huge difference that I had with the Phyto (above), much stronger hair that wasn't breaking as it was growing and I had practically no hair shedding which continued for about a month or so after I finished the treatment. As I said I used this right after the Phyto so I don't know which one, or if it was both, that worked so well but several months after stopping the shedding returned and my hair isn't as strong so I am about to start a new round and I will continue using as they do work very well.

4. Biotin

This vitamin in pill form directly helps hair grow. There are tons of internet reviews from people who have had great success taking these, I didn't. A common side effect is spots or acne, which I got, so I stopped taking them and the acne disappeared  Everyone is different so it may or may not do that to you, it is up to you to decide if you want to see.

5. Nioxin*

A specialised treatment for people with Alopecia and thinning hair. I haven't used this as it doesn't work with brazillian hair straightener treatment (which I have) but I have a friend who had a small area of her beautiful long hair fall out due to stress and alopecia and it fully grew back after using a Nioxin treatment. Certainly a treatment to research and consider.

6. Sisley Botanical Extracts For Hair & Scalp £87.50/$150*

I really liked this and it did work but I don't think it worked for me as well as the Phyto or Vichy. It works in the same way, you use the dropper to disperse onto the scalp and massage into the scalp on dry hair. I found it worked very well as a volume treatment, my hair looked and felt much thicker but I still had significant hair shedding. It is also extremely expensive. 

7. Jamaican Black Castor Oil £10/$8.99*

A recent discovery and may be one of the greatest things I've ever found. I've only used this a few weeks and already I noticed a huge difference. I've been concentrating it mostly on my hair line and centre parting and a whole new layer of hair has grown, it's quite incredible. At the moment I look like I've stuck my finger in a socket as this new layer on my parting is short and sticking up but if it continues to grow at this rate it should be long enough to lay flat in a few weeks! My hair line has filled in and looks noticeable thicker and the full length of my hair has grown has super fast. Same as any oil treatment, apply it to dry hair and leave in for a couple hours before washing out and use as often as you can or want to. I've been doing it a couple times a week. There are hundreds of 5* rave Amazon reviews so I'm certainly not alone with my success story. Depending on how much you use and length of your hair a bottle may or may not last you a long time but it's cheap enough and works so great that repurchasing doesn't matter. I will never stop using this (until it stops working that is). Ps. it's also really great for growing eyebrows.

8. L'Anza Keratin Healing Oil Hair Treatment £30.55/$49.18*

This won't grow new hair like the Castor Oil and Vichy/Phyto scalp treatments but it will make your existing hair look incredible, it's probably one of the best treatments I've ever used. When I use this I am constantly told how shiny and healthy my hair looks. I can also attest to it building strength, my hair feels much stronger after use. Use as a treatment and wash out or a tiny bit before blowdrying for an incredibly smooth and shiny blow dry. Be careful not too use to much or it will look lank and greasy. This is far superior to any other healing oil products, like Moroccan or Argan Oil for example. For dry or weak hair this is a must have.

*In America you can find the best deals here:

For Viviscal go here or here.
For Phyto Phytolium 4 go here.
For Nioxin go here
For Sisley Botanical Extracts For Hair & Scalp go here.
For Jamaican Black Castor Oil go here.
For L'Anza Healing Oil go here (free worldwide delivery) 

Please do share any success stories or other tips in the comments below.

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  1. Thanks for this :) Very helpful! I wanted to ask: you said that you experienced spots with the biotin did u ever feel that may be a side effect of the viviscal as well as that is quite common.

    1. hi, no I didn't think so because it only happened when i took biotin and I took Viviscal for ages without any side effects. However, I have long stopped taking Viviscal as the results from the Jamaican Black Castor Oil are so incredible (and a lot cheaper).

      Read my post on it here: http://www.makeartnotwar.me/2015/02/jamaican-black-castor-oil-miracle-hair.html

  2. Thank you for your concern. I hope your advice will help me much. I wanna give these a try over my hair. Can you give me some advice on hair mineral analysis test kit ?


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