If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed I have been moving to a 100% natural and more vegan diet over the last year, which I believe fully impacts your skin, hair and nails, particularly if you have any kind of skin complaint like exzcema or psoriasis. Whilst in Canada earlier this year I picked up a jar of all natural face cream at a farmers market for $10 and it turned out to be the best moisturiser I've ever used (yep, including Creme De La Mer). It confirmed my thoughts that natural products (food and topical) really are best way to look after yourself inside and out but since I threw away the accompanying card, and with it my ability to re-purchase, I've been on the hunt for natural skincare ever since. I recently came across Lyons Leaf, a wonderful couple who make homemade natural skincare from their garden which initially started as a hobby and has now grow into a full product line and winner of skincare awards.

Their ingredients policy is to grow as much as possible themselves and to choose natural ingredients in the most unprocessed state possible. All their products are made with water free recipes which don't require harsh preservatives and emulsifiers, ie. zero chemicals and they never use artificial colour or fragrance. For me, this is everything I want to hear.

I have tried most of their small product range (unfortunately it doesn't yet include a face moisturiser so the hunt is still on) and their products are really great. I have other product reviews coming but their stand out product is the Natural Beauty Balm which they describe as a complete facial care system that cleanses, exfoliates, moisturises, nourishes, repairs and protects in one. It is so great for travelling as it eliminates the need for extra products and bathroom clutter as it does everything in one, but I will say I found it to be a particularly amazing cleanser. Easily absorbent, it massages in so easily and removes EVERYTHING, even the cakiest of makeups. It's also a really great small size that packs a LOT in.You only need a tiny bit so the small pot lasts ages, It took two months to finish mine using it every night.

For anyone who uses a cleansing balm with a hot cloth like Elemis Cleansing Balm or Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish (the absolute best way to cleanse and both my favourite non-natural cleansers) this is the same; you massage it in and wipe off with a hot damp cloth, that's it. It feels extremely luxurious and nourishing and it makes my skin so soft and smooth right away. I am a moisturiser junkie so I still moisturise afterwards but my skin is plenty soft enough that I really don't have too. I imagine if you have very dry skin you would also still want to use a moisturiser after but I would also bet that after using this for a short while your very dry skin would become more comfortable. I will say the smell (something similar to wood shavings) took a bit of getting used to but I grew to like it and now I love it. This really does an amazing job and I can't say enough good things about it. Plus the price is superb considering how long it lasts.

I also highly reccomend trying one of their Natural Hand Made Soaps to wash with, especially if you suffer from dry, oily or sensitive skin, inflamed skin, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea or acne to see if natural products make a difference. I believe they will (they do for me) and I'd love to hear any of your natural product success stories.

All Lyons leaf products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans, are not tested on animals and are 100% natural.

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