Kryolan Glamour Glow Blusher/Highlighter 

It's taken me ages to write about these for no reason, but if you follow me on Instagram you will have seen me post photos of these all the time, they're my favourite blushers. I'm so obsessed they are divine, I've never seen a blusher look so beautiful on absolutely everyone. Depending on the colours you choose they make fantastic highlighters as well as blushers, they go on without streaking and they lasts ages, it just never disappears (great for filming for makeup artists). 

For makeup artists these come in an indispensable 8 tin palette. I have the indulgence palette but they have since brought out another three palettes with just as divine mix of colours and I want them all. Each palette has been so well thought out and has such a great mix of shades from highlight, colour to tan. I would say this is my most used blusher palette in my kit by miles, I can't really explain how gorgeous these look on the skin and on camera.

For everyone else they do come in individuals which I highly recommend getting. The singles don't come in every colour from the palettes; my most used colours are blush peach, sweet plum, rosy sensation, moon dust and sun kissed but it's well worth trying out different colours from the singles range as there isn't one bad colour and you won't go wrong. A big plus is that the colours are very true to the website pictures so do click on the links and visit the website for a closer look.

Please let me know if you have any of these and what colours you love. Like most Kryolan products I cannot rave about these enough!

To buy in America you can go here for individuals and here for the 8 tin palettes.

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  1. Its so hard to find swatches online. I just want to know if all these shades are shimmery? Thank you :)

    1. they are kind of, but in a good way. its hard to describe but on the skin they glow more than they shimmer if that makes sense!


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