I really like this small UK brand, particularly their Mousse Eyeshadow pots which are nothing like mousse, they're cream to powder shadows very similar to MAC Paint Pots but quite a bit cheaper. There are just 8 colours in the range, so nothing like MACs range of 23 colours, but there are some great autumn colours; my favourites are Maroon Earth a deep maroon, Clematis a deep mauve and Ecru Land is a lovely olive colour (pictured above). Caramel Candy (the main picture) is the only brown colour and it's a really lovely universal 'suits everyone' deep brown, similar to MACs Constructivist, that I use quite a lot. 

All the Glo&Ray Mousse Shadow pots have a slight shimmer, but not overly so. Their eyeshadow quads have slightly too much shimmer and not enough pigment but the Mousse pots are very good; easy to apply, they blend great and they're long staying, I'm really impressed with them. 

I should also mention their eyeliners which at £5.50 is a bargain. Of course it's no bargain if they're rubbish but they are great; really lovely soft pencils that are easy to smudge and stay all day. Again, very impressed.

In America you can buy Glo&Ray direct from their UK website.

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