Can everyone have great skin? Absolutely, yes!! I am asked this question so often and in so many different variations.. "My skin looks so bad, what can I do?" "Your skin looks amazing, what do you use?" "How can I make my skin look better? etc…etc..

Makeup by me in Marie Claire UK

I firmly believe it doesn't matter what makeup you put on someone as long as the foundation is good, and by foundation I mean the base layer not the makeup. Everything starts with the skin, if you don't have good skin as a base to do your makeup it doesn't matter how expensive your makeup is it will look rubbish, and on the flip side of that statement if you have fantastic skin you can use the cheapest products you can find in Boots or Target and it will look amazing. Everything is and always is all about the skin. Knowing this, it's important to spend time on your skin care but also know that everyone can have great skin, there is no reason why you can't. Granted some people are luckier than others, often by miles it can seem and then when you see that person who was born with perfect skin only uses soap and water it can seem so unfair. You may never have that perfect skin but you can get a hell of a lot closer as long as you put the effort in. When I talk about effort I mean a multitude of things that all need to be done together, doing just one won't work. This is my Get Great Skin Bible that everyone should follow, it's not rocket science or particularly hard work but it will work.

1. Water: Drinking 2 litres a day, every day, can change a face entirely. Wrinkles and lines disappear, skin tone evens out, skin smoothens and gets firmer, spots and marks disappear. It's the best natural facelift you can get and it's really not that difficult, you just pee a lot.

2. Food: Clean, un-processed food changes your life as well your face but I'm not going to preach about that (check my Instagram for clean food inspo). We are what we eat should be common sense.

3. Sleep: You know yourself how rough and older you look when you have 3 hours sleep a night. The body needs sleep to recover itself, including your face!

4. Skin Care: There is no perfect range, what works for one person may not work for another. It's trial and error and finding the one that works best for you, which may not necessarily be the most expensive there is. If something isn't working for you stop using it and get something else! If, when you look in the mirror your skin doesn't look great, don't keep buying the same products you've always used, change them. Search out natural products with no chemicals, you will be amazed the difference these can make.

5. Be Smart: You can slap the odd products on or you can make the most of your skin care. Try natural products, do your own facials, exfoliation makes your products work better and never go without moisturiser no matter how oily you think you are: the lack of moisture causes you to produce more oil so you're actually making it worse.

6. Always use an eye cream and SPF, ten or twenty years may seem like a long time away but you will be grateful when you get there.

7. Any product that goes on your face massage it in. Massaging creams in will circulate the blood cells which means oxygen is pumped round easier, meaning your skin will be plumper and you'll look healthier and younger.

8. Any product that goes on your face do the same to your neck. Again, you'll be thankful later!

9. Clean your makeup, tweezers and makeup brushes once a week. If it's going on your face it needs to be clean. Same goes for your pillowcase. 

10. Pills: Sometimes you need medical help and there is nothing wrong with taking it. If you have acne skin you do NOT have to live with it, it amazes me how many people accept living with it when you don't have to. Go to a doctor and ask for Roaccutane, don't let them fob you off with antibiotics because once you stop taking them the acne will come right back. If your GP wont refer you to a dermatologist ask to see another one, by (UK) law they have to give you a referral if you ask. I can't imagine why anyone would choose to live with acne when you don't have to and we are exceptionally lucky to have the NHS in the UK and able to use it. Everyone can have great skin, I promise!

If any one has any other invaluable tips please do share in the comments below.

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  1. I love the information you post! Thank you. I have one comment to add to the skin care (#4) you say to experiment in order to find what works for you. I agree, yet this can be costly and add piles of half used bottles to the land fill. I represent a company that has a 60 day, empty bottle money back garauntee on for different regimens that target acne, sensitive, discolored and aging skin. all regimens have anti aging qualities. would you be interested in hearing more? I would love to have your input on these products. They have an at home exfoliating device that is amazing, I have no idea, other than people do not know about this tool why a MUA would not have it in their bag in order to start with fresh, free of dead skin cells skin on every model. I feel the same way about these products and tool that you feel about acne...why would anyone not experience the best skin possible? Please contact me theredhead.myrandf.com

  2. This is great. I would add in, however, how important it is to keep the skin clean. Washing face, removing eye makeup nightly. Using a Clarisonic really improves the texture of the skin as well.

  3. Thanks Suzanne, that is also good advice.

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