Brilliant choices for natural looking bronzed goddesses

*By natural I mean the natural looking effect they give, and that they're not a powder. Not sure what to call them as a group…non-powder bronzer options maybe? That doesn't slip of the tongue so well. 
A lot of people have a lot of love for bronzers, it really is a great product to give you a bit of colour mimicking what a real tan does..giving a healthy looking sun-kissed glow. But that's when it's done right, it's so easy to do bronzer wrong as we often see on fellow orange, stripy, patchy or muddy looking ladies. These three products are really great ways to get that bronzed I've-spent-a-day-on-the-beach glow without using makeup or fake tan which I hate (smells grows/takes a while to develop/looks fake). I've used all three products personally and I think they are fantastic. Remember these all give a "natural" looking sun-kissed effect, they are not fake tanners and you will not turn Towie overnight (um, good), they are much, much better than that.  

1. Sisley Sun Glow Gel £47/$90*
I love this product. It's probably the most makeup like out of the three as you apply it like you would a foundation and wash it off. Apply just to the areas you want to highlight or the entire face (the matte version may be better for that). Great for highlighting the décolleté, shoulders cheekbones, nose and forehead on the face, it's a non-greasy gel like cream that smoothes onto skin for a lovely sheer glow; not too orange or bronzy, just right. It gives a sheer even result but you can also mix it with your foundation like I like to do and apply together for a subtle full-face effect. Packed with skin botanical extracts which really hydrate the skin, along with it's reflective golden-copper pigments which capture the light and illuminate, it really looks like you've been on the beach all day. Out of the three this gives the most instant bronzed looking effect.
2. Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster £18/$30**
A completely different way to bronze, This is a very small bottle that you add just a few drops to your regular day and/or night moisturiser and it develops into a light sun-kissed glow. You have to use it with a moisturizer and never alone so you must remember to add it and make it a part of your regular routine. This is great for a gradual natural-looking, sun-kissed tanned result as long as you remember to add the drops to your daily skin-care. Probably the most natural looking result of all.

3. Elemis Total Glow Bronzing moisturiser £29.50/$54***
If you love Elemis products you will love this daily moisturiser with a gradual tanner that moisturisers, enhances radiance and gives a gradual sun-kissed tan. It's a great moisturiser with a whole heap of amazing ingredients that you would expect from Elemis, with the added bonus of gradual tanning. It's quite a heady smell that you either don't mind or hate and it's the only one of the three that smells and feels a bit like a fake tanner. Key ingredients boost luminosity and brightness so you really do get a lovely healthy glow, and like the Clarins Golden Glow Booster it gives very natural looking results. Not ideal if you don't want to change your skin care routine. They also do a really great body lotion version. 

In America you can find them *here and **here and ***here.

Ps. If you want 'Bronzed Goddess" makeup inspo you can watch my bronzed goddess makeup tutorials here and here.

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