Without doubt these are my favourite body oils/moisturisers, they are pure luxury in a bottle with the most incredible smells, they smell like summer in a bottle. I can't stop feeling and smelling my arms when I wear them, I literally walk around sniffing at my arms and deep sighing.

The L'Or Bio Extraordinary Oil is made from 100% natural oils* which protect and nourish the skin leaving it looking beautiful with a truly magnificent scent. It's a very fine and silky texture that's absorbed immediately (I detest oils that sit on the skin) and leaves a very soft, smooth and non-oily protective finish, skin looks a bit like it's been photoshopped! The combination of five natural oils are a mix of Argan oil from Morocco, Kendi oil from Indonesia, Inca Inchi oil from Amazonia; all known for their exceptional skincare properties. Buriti oil from Brazil nourishes the skin and promotes a healthy glow, and Pracaxi oil improves hair shine and strength. And I really cannot describe how incredible the smell is.

The L'Or Bio Sparkling Oil is made exactly the same as the L'or Bio with the addition of golden pearlescent natural pigments and another amazing and addictive natural scent. The natural mineral pigments are Mica, Red Iron Oxide & White Titanium and give a light golden sheen to the skin that is so subtle and extremely beautiful, there is nothing gaudy, gauche or obvious about it, it's the perfect summer skin oil. Again, both sink in quickly leaving no oily film, skin is completely nourished and looks amazing (can't stress that enough!). 
I'm obsessed with both oils, they are my absolute favourites, I honestly can't rave about them (and their smell) enough.

*Personally I am becoming more and more interested in natural protects, every one I try does such a good job usually miles better than chemically produced products. If natural organic products are important to you Melvita is a great brand to look into. Please do let me know of any other great natural products.

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