Made with Creme de la Mer's remarkable skincare benefits (you can read about their blue algae process in all La Mer products here), their lightweight fluid foundation is something special. I've used La Mer moisturisers and can confirm they are amazing, I can't speak for long term use but I can vouch for it's instant effects which are incredible so I'm sure long term use is something rather brilliant. Because of this I certainly had high expectations for their foundation which I've been using for a couple months. It's taken me a while to blog about it because I really wanted to give it a thorough testing before saying how great it is and give it my thumbs up as it is expensive and I know how upsetting it is forking out a lot of money for a foundation that doest suit you. My opinion solidifies every day, it's a wonderful foundation and for the right person this will be your holy grail and probably the last you ever buy.

It's very light, but not too light it doesn't cover and correct, it has medium coverage that erases minor imperfections like an uneven skin tone, roseaca, small bumps and acne scars, really leaving a naturally flawless complexion. Natural and flawless- these are key words as it does look exceptionally natural and flawless which really are the only things you want from a foundation. It has a lovely luminous finish so it really makes you look radiant and it claims to lift the skin creating lasting firmness which I have noticed my skin does looks slightly firmer, with it on and when I've washed it off. I am intrigued to know over time how much accumulative difference this would make.

So what did I mean that this will be the best foundation "for the right person"? I think if you like a full coverage/ matte foundation this isn't for you as it gives a very natural look with a beautiful healthy luminous glow (my preference, which is why I think it's so great). If you have extremely oily skin this isn't for you (and you should change your skincare) and I also think if you are very young the benefits are probably wasted on you. But, from 30 onwards and especially 40 and upwards you will see a huge difference in this foundation compared to others for a significantly smoother and more radiant complexion. That's not to say there aren't other wonderful foundations that also make you look fantastic which are cheaper, because there definitely are. But from a certain age foundation needs to do a whole to more than cover and even skin tone and the La Mer does it all exceptionally well, plus a hell of a lot more.

So, I can't not mention the price! It is expensive there is no getting away from that. You only need use small amounts so a bottle should last a long time (mine still seems full after 3 months although I don't wear it every day) but it's still expensive. Is it worth it? Again, if you're the right fit then yes, I think so. I think the price difference between UK and America is shameful and thoroughly unfair, so if you can buy it in America even better. There are 10 shades, mostly neutral (they could do a LOT better on the shade spectrum) so its imperative you go to a counter and get colour matched, do not guess over the internet that is far too expensive a mistake to make. It is SPF15 which is decent but for the price it should be higher, I wear it over one of my favourite anti-shine/matte high factor suncreams and they don't affect the look or the longevity of this (or any) foundation. The longevity is great, in fact I think it looks better as the day goes on as it mixes with your natural skin oils, I maybe have a slight powder touch-up early evening but that's about it. Another great thing is it feels very light on, it doesn't feel (or look) like you're wearing makeup which I love, and I always feel my skin looks better and firmer than usual when I wash it off, maybe that's the La Mer Skincare benefits working?

La Mer advertise this foundation as the "power to transform the complexion" and if you're the right fit I don't think they are far off. It's certainly my favourite foundation, I will say due to the price I do save it for going out and I don't use it when I'm going on set at 6am or hanging round the house writing and cleaning, but if I didn't have such a weird job with weird hours this would be my go to everyday foundation for sure. I had a very thorough read of the many online comments as I wanted to see if other people also had such a great experience and if they felt it was worth the money and I was blown away by the amount of positive comments and the content. There are some incredible stories of 60 year olds being mistaken for 40, the first foundation a severe eczema sufferer had used that didn't make her break out, and a lot of women of a certain age (that phrase is the pitts, I'm so sorry!) swearing never to use another foundation again, it feels a bit like a cult once you enter you don't leave! I personally love this foundation and will definitely repurchase, I think if you are of a certain age or getting there this might be something wonderful for you.

Please do go to a counter to get colour matched and take a small pot with you to ask for a sample to take home to try for a few day before purchasing. Like all products what works miracles for some may not work for you and I would hate you to spend money without trying it first. And if you do use it please do come back and share your opinions!

Ps. Don't buy from Harrods they are only showing 5 colours on their website, not the full 10 colour range.

*To buy in America go here

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