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Everyone hates seeing their grey come through and everyone hates getting their roots done; it's so time consuming, expensive, a constant reminder you're closer to death, it's just the worst. So many times I wished there was a foundation for hair for the bits of grey that come through just one sodding week after having my roots done, I can't be the only one who's brushed eyeshadow over grey hairs? Recently I came across Colorwow (otherwise I would definitely have mentioned it earlier) and I'm not exaggerating when I say for covering grey hair this is one of those life-changing products. Like all genius products it's so obvious in hindsight but I can't believe no-one made this before. For women who colour their hair due to greying (or even highlights*) this is a can't-live-without product. It's a very easy process, you pick the colour that most matches your colour (there are six colour choices from platinum to black) and you brush it on the grey hairs, it works just as well on odd hairs as well as a full root growth on the hair line and parting (that takes a bit longer than applying to odd hairs). 

Colorwow camouflages grey roots and hairs instantly, always apply to dry/styled hair and just brush it on, thats it. They made a video how to apply it which, if you're thinking of buying this, I highly recommend you watch just to show you how easy it is to apply and how great it works, you can watch it here. It doesn't feel sticky on or affect your hairstyle, it doesn't dry your hair out or alter the condition and it stays in your hair until you wash it out. It will stay in place if you sweat, get caught in the rain and even go swimming, you need to actually shampoo your hair to remove it so no brown dye dripping down your face in the gym or if you're caught in the rain, how great is that! It's roughly the size of an average makeup compact so perfect for putting in your handbag and there is a mirror inside the compact so it's easy for touching up on the go. Personally, using Colorwow I can get about an extra 3-4 weeks before redoing my colour and that's with no more random greys showing the entire time between colours. All in all a genius product that I think is completely brilliant and I'm very grateful for.

Ps. It's also great to use as an eyebrow powder so hair and brows match.
* The two blonde colours can also be used to extend highlights by applying and covering dark roots the same way they cover grey. I haven't tried it but this would have been a life saver when I was blonde to extend the length of time between getting my roots done, saving huge amounts of stress on highlighted hair AND wallets.

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