If you read one blog post and buy the suggested products in your life this should be that post! There is nothing more important than suncream, I can't stress that enough (I feel like I've said those exact words so many times on this blog). With this incredible summer we're having in England I don't feel that my foundation or moisturiser with SPF30 included is enough, and that a targeted face sunscreen is a necessity for everyone every day. We all know that suncream is so important to protect from many things..skin damage, cancer, pigmentation, and not forgetting anti-aging as a massive reason to cover up with a high factor daily. But suncreams used to be so thick and revolting and feel horrid on, I would never want to use one on my face, even on holidays. They took forever to rub in leaving a white film and they would clog up my skin, give me spots and leave me looking so greasy and shiny, they were the worst. But technology is a wonderful thing and there are amazing face suncreams out there made for sensitive skin, non-codegemic and incredibly will not leave you looking shiny AT ALL. The three products are truly the best I've ever used. 

Actually these products are pretty amazing, you would not know you were wearing sunscreen at all they are completely weightless and invisible yet work so hard. I use one of these daily on myself, and in my kit on everyone when filming outdoors in this weather (and no-one has ever had a reaction) and there is no difference applying makeup on top. I can't pick a favourite as they are all brilliant but I would suggest to read up on them and pick the one that sounds like it would suit your skin and budget best, obviously the Sisley one is bananas expensive (but so so so good). I swear I have given all three a thorough testing in various different hot countries and they are all fantastic at doing what they are supposed to do including keeping me matt and shine-free all day which is ubelieveably impressive in 30 degrees heat! I really can't praise them enough, all of them do each of these things exceptionally well: 

* High SPF 

* Zero shine
* Weightless
* Easy to apply
* Water and sweat resistant 
* Zero greasiness
* No white marks
* Does not affect any makeup/foundation application
* Good size packaging, all 50ml
* Hypoallergenic
* For sensitive skin
* No offensive smell

Ps. If for some reason you are a super human who doesn't break a sweat during a heatwave and would rather not have an anti-shine SPF then all the brands also do regular non-matt high SPF face suncreams.

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