La Roche Posay is the best brand if you have sensitive skin or any kind of skin issue, I've used it in my kit for years, never had a reaction from anyone. I've blogged about so many LRP products (like the best Miceller Water Cleanser and the BEST SPF 50 Tinted Moisturiser) because I truly believe in, love and use their products all the time. LRP have brought out a CC cream as part of their fantastic Rosaliac range that treats skin prone to redness. The CC cream is completely different to the Tinted Creme moisturiser that I've raved about for years, it aims to cover and conceal redness as naturally and flawlessly as possible and is a much lighter texture than the Tinted Creme. It definitely has more coverage and is much more like a light foundation, it also has SPF 30, lower than the Tinted Creme's SPF 50 but still perfectly high.

Like all LRP products it is ideal for sensitive skin and like the Tinted Creme it only comes in the one universal tone that blends very naturally into fair-medium skin types (the most common type to get redness). I myself, after sunbathing with baby oil throughout the 90s and like most people my age, have lots of redness and pigmation parks on my face and I love this CC cream. It gives a very lovely effect, my skin tone looks even, redness has gone, skin still looks really natural with a healthy dewy glow and my skin feels really smooth. I like the tinted creme when I'm not wearing any makeup..it's always nice to have an even skin tone when out in public and must always wear an SPF, but I prefer to use the CC cream when I'm wearing full makeup, it looks more like a base.

It is more expensive than the tinted creme (double for the same amount of product) but you really don't need very much. It's pretty liquidy and goes a long way so should last a while (tip- use very little and add more only if you need). This is definitely my go to base and has been for a while, so I'm definitely a big fan. I much prefer a light base and healthy glow to a heavy foundation, if you just want to cover redness and even skin tone for a natural look this is a great choice, and my favourite choice at the moment.

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