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My pet peeve is large products, and I swear it's not just a makeup artist thing. 9 times out of 10 there is no need for it other than justify charging more money. Highlighters are the biggest culprits for this, there is never any need for a highlighter to be a regular powder compact size or larger, no lady is ever going to get through that amount of product before she goes off it or it goes off. For a product like a cream or powder highlighter, where you use a very small amount, in my opinion should be a small blusher or eyeshadow size. No-one wants to carry around a makeup bag of big compact size products. Sometimes you want to wear a gold highlighter, sometimes you want a bronz-ier one and sometimes you want a lighter whiter colour, but to have 3 full sizes of these in your makeup bag is crazy, it's too much! Plus, it's such a waste of money as you will never ever get through them all. This is me talking about my own makeup bag, not my pro kit but I also feel the same about my kit.

Before Christmas I had a wonderful day in my makeup mecca 'Charles Fox' in Covent Garden. Normally I specifically go in to pick up the one or two things that I urgently need (usually blood), I am in and out to collect what I need in 2 minutes and I never look round the store. But this time the incredibly lovely staff spent an amazing couple hours showing me round the store and going through the complete Kryolan range with me. Over the years I've used the usual Kryolan special effects makeup staples and seen their large makeup palettes that most makeup artists use, it's always very much been a 'makeup artists' brand as far as I was aware. I had never used any of the regular makeup, I didn't even know it did a full range and I was really surprised. Over time I will write about other fab products I have and will discover as I go through them at work but this Cream Colour Circle in Interferenz (odd name) is the first stand out product for me. It's an iridescent cream makeup perfect for shimmering accents on face and body, and a wonderful face highlighter. I spotted it as soon as I walked in and I was in instant love just because of the practicality of it. The amazing quality is standard as with all Kryolan products but the genius of having 6 cream highlighters in a small wheel is why I love makeup artist brands, or any brand that puts practicality before profit. It's so great to have so different shades in one pot that isn't itself that large. There is no wastage here and definitely more than enough product to last you a life time. It's a dream tool for a makeup artist, and if you like wearing highlighters as part of your makeup you will love this in your makeup bag, such a cool and clever idea.


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