I love Jurlique, it's one of my favourite brands as I mention on the blog quite often. Every product I've used has been outstanding but I will say I didn't really think this moisturiser was going to be any big deal, mainly because I didn't really believe the "Redness Rescue" part but also because its a very thin tube that I thought would be empty in about a week or two, which is not acceptable for creams that cost double figures, but I was so wrong. Firstly, for me, the soothing and redness relief was extremely significant. I don't have a very red face but it's red enough that I use a BB cream or tinted moisturiser every day to even out my skin tone, however with this moisturiser most days I gone base free and my skin looks way more even-toned, flat and smooth straight after I use it. Not foundation equivalent better, but significantly better that I might not bother with a base.

I also couldn't have been more wrong about how quickly it would use up, it's been about 5 or 6 weeks and it's near the end but still going strong. This has been the biggest surprise as I've used it every morning AND night the entire time and I'm quite heavy handed with the amount I use, if you use a separate night cream it would last double the length of time. It's also very thin and light which I love as it's perfect for throwing in a gym bag, overnight trips or holidays.. no bulky jars which I hate with a passion for travelling. 

If you have sensitive skin, get dry skin, ever have a reddish face, get flushed or your skin ever feels a bit sore or rough and needs soothing you should try this moisturiser, it's so lovely. Also great for men if they get red bumps or sore from shaving. All in all a massively pleasant surprise product, although I shouldn't be surprised as Jurlique products are consistently fantastic. There are other products in the Calendula Redness Rescue range on Jurlique's website which I haven't used but I'm sure all work well together.

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