I'm obsessed with neutrals, most makeup PRs who know me laugh at my instant gravitational pull to any neutral/natural coloured makeup. Which is why, for me, Clinique's new Shades of Beige nail varnish collection is the nuts. They are literally every neutral shade I could dream of and I love every single one of them. It's very much Sophie's choice picking my favourite, but I will say I'm not that keen on Room Service. I'm currently wearing Peek A boo and Birthday Suit on rotation, they just go with everything and the 2 darker colours are for my dressier nights out. That's the great thing about nudes, they look good and classy with everything.

Obviously being Clinique they are great quality; they are quick drying, long lasting and don't smear.. which I find is the most common problem with light or nude colours. I'm all about Clinique products lately, people don't shout enough about how great their products are.

*Why the same price in pounds and dollars, it's not fair!

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