I have never, EVER, used a product that removes every trace of makeup so easily, efficiently and gently as this does. Occasionally I try and test it with tons and tons of makeup but there is no match for this stuff it's fantastic, it is the most efficient makeup remover I have ever used. 

I like to use oil cleansers at night because it makes me massage it in to my skin to remove the makeup and, as every facialist will tell you, massaging products in is the best thing you can do for your skin. I try to do this with moisturiser but I never manage more than 3 seconds, but with an oil cleanser you kind of have to. After a few seconds massaging I add water to emulsify the product and massage it in again all over. I use a muslin cloth or flannel soaked in hot water to wipe off the product and amazingly there is never any makeup on the cloth, ever! It doesn't matter how much makeup I was wearing nothing ever comes off on the cloth, which is seriously impressive. And it is so gentle, I have pretty sensitive skin and I never get red or sore skin with this, my skin always feels very soft and smooth after. I would recommend this cleanser  for everyone but if you particularly wear a lot of makeup I can't imagine a better remover for you to try.  

It's wonderful for sensitive skins, I can't imagine this aggravating anyone, the 'brightening' element is really great for for dull complexions..skin does look clearer and certainly feels softer after use but my real rave review comes from how easily it removes the strongest of makeup and how gently it does it. I had a look at reviews on Shu Uemura website to see what other people had said and there were hundreds of reviews all saying the same as me so you don't have to believe just me! It's not drugstore cheap but it's not outrageously expensive either. I will say that you really don't use very much product and a bottle will last you a really long time. I use mine every night and 3 months later I'm finally reaching the end which is brilliant value for money.

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