I haven't been blogging lately as I've been busy filming but I wanted to talk about Clinique makeup. Other than their chubby sticks, which started the whole chubby stick revolution, I haven't really talked much about Clinique makeup. I don't know why because it's great and certainly some items are staples in mine and lots of makeup artists kits (for example High Impact Mascara is AMAZING). I think of Clinique as a quiet, unassuming brand of great quality that quietly gets on with it without shouting about it. It doesn't follow trends, it doesn't bring out a new version of a product every 5 minutes, and when it does bring out new products they're consistently really well thought out, practical and excellent quality. There are other great product examples I could give but I mainly want to talk about their eyeshadow palettes.

I don't know why I never thought of reviewing this palette before since I've had it (and regularly use it - big statement) at work and in my own makeup bag for years. The quads have been around forever but specifically the Teddy Bear Quad is probably one of the best neutral palettes you can own for several reasons:
* As a makeup artist obviously packaging and size is extremely important to me, the least I have to carry the better and, whilst I love palettes, I hate palettes with only a couple good colours and some pointless colours. I have much larger palettes I use for work but I also need small palettes that fit into small bags, touch up bags etc and this is the perfect size for that. Which also means it's the perfect size for regular size makeup bags. I hate opening up little one colour pots at work and in my own makeup bag and this quad palette is slim and small enough to take up no room and it's the perfect 4 neutral colours. 
* It is also practically impossible to get a small matte (key word here) neutral palette without some kind of awful shimmer in it and this just nails it on all levels: quality, colours, size, packing..the works. 
* It's so unassuming, but if you like a neutral, natural or smokey eye you will not go wrong with this palette as a makeup wearer or a professional.

I also need to mention Cliniques new Limited Edition eyeshadow palette which is so wonderful and compliments the Teddy Bear quad perfectly so I thought I'd write about them together.  

It comes in 8 shades, but it's still the perfect size and packaging as the quad. There's obviously a much larger neutral colour choice, which as most blog followers know I'm all about neutrals so I automatically love this, but it's completely different to Teddy Bear as these all have a shimmer to them (not an over the top cheap looking shimmer). If you like to have a bit of shimmer or glam up your smokey eye these palettes compliment each other perfectly. 

Neither palettes are crazy expensive and both will last you ages, you're not going to run through them in a few months that's for sure. They are great for a personal and professional makeup bags, personally I can't think what else anyone would need.. they cover every base for wearable day and night time looks.

*why same price in Pounds and Dollars it is so UNFAIR!

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  1. Clinique has their outlets in many places and their skin consultants are quite knowledgeable in suggesting relevant products after analyzing your skin thoroughly.


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