I realised I've had this a while and not written about it, which is weird because I've been using it for months and I love it. I consider myself a BB cream expert, I have tried so many as I don't really like wearing foundation. I want even a smooth even skin tone but I don't want to feel or look like I'm wearing foundation, which is the exact point of a BB cream and Bobbi Brown does it so well. I'm a fan of skin that looks like skin, I don't want my face to look super matte and flat, I want it to look like skin with a natural glow which is why I particularly love this. 

It's so moisturising, it specifically boosts hydration without looking shiny and contains light reflective pigments that brighten the skin. It also contains pore-reducing peptides to minimise fine lines and botanical extracts that reduces discolouration and redness, evening out the skin tone. It says it helps create a clear more even skin tone over time, I'm not sure about that but it does give a really lovely finish. The best part is it contains a whacking SPF 35 which is so impressive, it's so important to wear a high SPF every day.

It's a lightweight, easily buildable formula, great to build up where you need it and blends flawlessly so you don't get terrible tide marks on the neck and sides of the face. it comes in a really good colour range of 9 shades, probably the best I've seen in a BB cream which doesn't surprise me as Bobbi Brown has always been a brand leader of full colour ranges. The extra light is pretty great for very pale and 3 new dark colours have recently been added to the range.

I'm sorry I keep writing reviews of wonderful BB creams, there are just so many good ones on the market and I am a total sucker for a tinted moisturiser, I have to try them all. I have to say Bobbi Browns' is pretty special, there aren't that many that are particularly great on 30+ skin, and it's the only one (other than Liz Earle Skin Tint, which only comes in 4 shades and has a completely different and much dewier finish) that I use on both myself and in my kit.

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