For some women flying is a total nightmare, while others breeze off a plane like they just walked out the beauty salon. Yes Victoria Beckham, I'm talking to you! Flying is a massive stress on our skin but with regular visits to family on the other side of the world and often flying overseas for makeup jobs I have my short and long haul beauty routine sorted. Even if you will never be one of those women who removes all her make-up the moment she sits in her seat my in-flight beauty routine might change your mind. I have followed this routine on every flight for years and it really makes a huge difference not only to how you look but also how you feel. It's easy to do in a small seat squashed next to a selfish armrest hogging man and it's a million times nicer to arrive at your destination looking and feeling refreshed. With a little bit of prep we can all step off a plane looking like an international jetsetter. In case you missed my In-flight Beauty Tips in Cosmo last month here they are again..

1. Makeup
We all know flying with a full face of make-up is terrible for our skin but there's no chance of me leaving the house and wandering around an airport barefaced in this lifetime. Replace your base with a moisturiser that has a tint to it or a light BB or CC cream to wear to the airport. This way if you do leave it on throughout the flight you're not being too awful to your skin. I wear Dermalogica Sheer Tint Moisture SPF20, it's ideal and comes in 3 colours; light, medium and dark. It's great for hydrating skin and easy to top up as you're landing.

2. Cleanse
If it's a long haul flight I remove my makeup with a micellar solution decanted into a small bottle as soon as I sit down. I'm not a fan of makeup wipes, I don't think they actually do any good and micellar solutions like La Roche Posay or Bioderma are ideal as they don't need rinsing. I use LRP on planes and shoots and I trust it implicitly that it wont react with anyone's skin, and so far it never has.

3. Mask
Makeup free I apply Sisley Flower Express Mask which is quite incredible. It has no colour and soaks into the skin immediately so no-one will be able to tell you are applying or wearing a mask. It doesn't need rinsing or wiping off (a makeup artists dream tool) and it's ridiculously hydrating, making it ideal for flying.

4. Hydrate
Airplanes are severely dehydrating so a refreshing hydrating spray is a brilliant product to have on a plane. My favourite is Dermalogica Multi-active Toner, but loads of brands do these. They refresh and hydrate skin while smoothing the surface and revives your makeup if you're wearing any, which is great for walking off a plane looking like you slept 8 hours and just applied your make-up. I spray this liberally throughout the fight to refreshen the mask and then to wake myself up when landing. You can decant these into small spray bottles you can pick up in Boots and they're brilliant to use on the beach, public transport and generally in hot countries.

5. Eyes
People tend to drink less on a plane (less bathroom trips), add this to the lack of oxygen in the cabin makes for a very dehydrating time on board. In my seat I regularly dot eye cream around my eyes to prevent lines setting during the flight. I am obsessed with Eyesilix but any eye cream is better than none.

6. Serum
If it's a very long flight after a few hours I get a bit fidgety and want something to do, that's when I will massage Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum into my face while I'm watching a film and I really take my time doing this. This serum gives so much goodness and works wonders, it's well worth decanting into a small pot for the flight as you don't need much. You could fill all these products in one of those small stack pots you can buy in Boots for a £1, so you don't need to carry lots of products with you or worry about airport liquid regulations.

7. Brows
I straight up could never leave the house without my eyebrows in place. I often wake up from some contorted head leaning position on a plane to find half an eyebrow wiped of so I never get on a plane without a brow pencil. If this sounds at all familiar I'm sure you don't go anywhere without an eyebrow pencil, including a plane! Don't forget a small mirror so you can do this in your seat when landing.

8. Hand Wipes
These are an essential beauty product to take on a plane because of gross plane prints. If you're touching the tv monitor, putting food in your mouth and applying creams to your face you're going to want wipes.

9. Landing
No-one wants to step off the plane looking like a Night Of The Living Dead extra, when the plane is coming in to land I freshly apply tinted moisturiser or a BB cream, check my brows and apply a little bit of crème blusher with my fingers. Cream pots take up less room than powders, they don't break and leave powder all over your bag and there's no need for a brush. You can also use the colour on your lips mixed with a little Carmex. Take one with a mirror in the lid and you're packing even less space.

10. Hair
Everyone feels rubbish after sitting in a small cramped seat for hours on end and by the end of a long flight all the movement of my head against the material on plane seats makes my hair really static and wild. I always run some Bumble & Bumble Hairdressers Invisible Oil through my hair to make it smooth and shiny, it's a plane-friendly bottle size and made of plastic that wont smash, it goes everywhere with me. You've got to start your trip with great hair!

Do you have any great beauty tips for flying? Share if you do.

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