I need to start off with a warning, this stuff is pretty expensive. I feel like I need to tell you that right away so you can turn away if you want to as I'm about to get really graphic about how great this stuff is. This stuff is SO great. How great you're probably asking? Really f-ing great is what I would say to that. This serum will make your skin feel amazing, I don't even care what skin type you have I am convinced it will feel amazing. This serum will transform dull and dry skin, or just dull skin, into visibly glowing skin. If you have dry, dehydrated skin this will change your life. If you don't it will still probably change your life as you will have more supple, nourished, dewy and hydrated, soft skin. You can use it on it's own but I suggest using under or mixed with a moisturiser. You can even apply if after makeup to give a dewy look, just warm one drop on your fingers and pat gently into the areas you want to give extra glow.

Dr. Perricone is a clinical and research dermatologist and the Perricone MD brand was born out of research into ageing and anti-ageing, and his anti-ageing treatments and skin care products have won numerous awards. The Chia Serum is made from Chia seeds which are one of the richest vegetable sources of omega 3 fatty acids, which we know are great for the skin and anti-anging. Perricone MD combines chia oil with 5 other fatty soluble nutrients and vitamins; vitamin E, A, B5, C and Q10 and most importantly the chia oil is cold pressed, extra virgin and unrefined so it still maintains all the good stuff.

My advice is don't use too many drops or you will look greasy, a few drops is more than enough and used this way twice a day a bottle should last you a couple months, longer if used just once a day. It also smells amazing, a bit like almonds, which is really nice. It really is great for all skin types, dry, sensitive, spotty and ageing, for women 30 and upwards. It's also great to spot treat any area that benefits from extra hydration like the d├ęcolletage, lips and hands. I haven't used any other Perricone MD skincare products but my Key Makeup Artist, Mitzi Doney swears by Perricone MD and won't use anything else, and she's 32 but looks about 15. I am completely in love with this product and will definitely be trying other Perricone MD products. Please do let me know if you use any Dr. P products and your thoughts on them.

As usual it's cheaper in America (sigh) but Mitzi advises buying through Liberty's as they occasionally give money off vouchers throughout the year. To buy in America go here.   

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