The new Wella System Professional Luxe Light oil spray is amazing. It's a keratin protection spray for damaged and dry hair that leaves hair soft, shiny and feeling amazing. I also have the Wella original SP Luxe Oil which is amazing for thicker hair but for people with fine hair like me it's too heavy and like all oils makes it a bit lank and greasy looking. But the lite version is brilliant, it makes my hair feel amazing- so silky, shiny and completely weightless. It's a must have for fine hair, well worth the money and it smells lovely too. If you have thicker hair I would go for the original version, it is more expensive but will last you forever, I cant imagine anyone buying more than one a year it's excellent value for money.

I also just discovered Wella's Illumina Color range which is great. It gives a sheer natural colour that covers all grey and makes hair SUPER shiny. I had my hair coloured using Illumina a few weeks ago and after my recent horrendous hair debacle it's the first time in ages it's actually looked healthy and shiny, can you tell? Wella have just added 6 new colours to their range and I highly recommend it, especially if your colour is making your hair dull and dry I'd definitely suggest trying Illumina. 

no filter on my hair!


  1. Annie can I just what styling tools you use to create the wavy-hair look you've got above? From reading your article on doing the Made in Chelsea girls' hair, you used a Babyliss styling tool? Thank you! x

  2. Hi Annabelle, the photo above was done with a wide barrelled tong but if you watch my Cosmo videos (they're in my video section, there's only two but i cant remember which one it is) i show how to get perfect waves with the cheap babyliss waver wand x


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