I'm so low maintenance when it comes to my nails, I rarely get manicures or do anything except for soaking them in white vinegar once or twice a week to make them strong and grow. However with long filming days I don't always get round to doing it weekly so they split and break, but I started using Viridian Nail and Cuticle Oil a few months ago and I've managed to stretch out the times I need to soak in white vinegar without any breakage, which is a massive miracle for me. Viridian say their oil moisturises, strengthens and supports healthy growth for nails but if you have extremely weak and brittle nails like mine NOTHING works like soaking in white vinegar. But, in reality, soaking twice a week isn't that practical and this oil has done a smashing job in keeping them strong in between soaks..I think I've only had to soak them three times in the few months I've been using this, which is pretty incredible.

I usually find cuticle oils annoying as they take ages to soak in and you can't get on with your usual routine until the grease has gone but I love this one. It soaks in straight away, it smells amazing and it's so moisturising just a few drops over the nails are enough to massage in the whole hand without needing a separate hand cream. It comes in a pipette bottle for easy application and to avoid waste, a small 12ml bottle will last ages making it really great value for money.

If you feel quite strongly about natural, ethical products Viridian is a good company to look into further. They have an award-winning range of food supplements and topical products based on organic, natural and ethical principals. They support organic growing and pure ingredients making them perfect for vegans, paleo or vegetarians. From 
sourcing ingredients, the seeds, through to manufacturing procedures and the recycling bank, Viridian Nutrition maintains an ethical philosophy at every stage and as a Paleo/clean eater that's quite important to me. If these are things that interest you they have quite an extensive nutritional range that's well worth checking out, my other recommendation is the Organic Raw Virgin Coconut Oil which I use for cooking as well as a hair and body moisturiser.

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