I dont really blog about lipsticks, there's not much difference between brands and I think colours are a very personal taste. A while ago I wrote how I don't wear lipsticks as they all give me painfully dry lips, which is upsetting as I have boxes and boxes of stunning colours and I can't wear any of them except for Revlon Lip Butters which are the only lip colours that don't dry my lips out. But now I can add CK One Shine Lipstick to that pathetically short list. These are the most amazing glossy lipsticks, they give fabulous colour with gorgeous (not porn star) shine. I've loads of colours, I use them a lot on faces when I'm working as they look so natural and pretty and are so hydrating. If you get dry lips from other lip glosses or lipsticks you must try these, they're excellent. They come in loads of colours (I love the coral one for summer) but if you want a natural flattering colour then 800 Naked is possibly the perfect colour for practically everyone, definitely my current go to lip colour for most people.

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