The 'Rick Edwards Quiff Test'

Seeing Anne Hathaway's new hair at this years Met Ball I realised I do lots of posts about products for long hair but not that many on short hair. I work with lots of male TV presenters and bands so I've become quite a connoisseur on men's hair products, while also learning that men are very particular about their hair. I've had nightmares about Rick's quiff melting under hot studio lights and I would honestly cry if that ever happened (thank god it hasn't), have you seen how high that thing is! Thankfully I have such great products in my kit arsenal for short-keep-up-in-place styles, all of whom have passed what I like to call the 'Rick Edwards Quiff Test'.

I'm very thankful for these amazing products that make my life so much easier and thought I should share them with you as it's not the 1950s and quite a lot of women do have short hair (gasp). I can absolutely guarantee these will hold up the highest and swaggiest of styles because if they pass the Rick Edwards Quiff Test under studio lights they'll pass anyone's test.

2. Sebastian Microweb Fibre £12.29/$16.95
(Not as strong as the other two but makes up for it as the best smelling product ever made) 

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