Flawless skin on Made in Chelsea's Binky Felstead

While I was writing a recent post I mentioned I used a certain product on all models and I thought a post on how I prep peoples skin while I'm working might be interesting to readers (or maybe not!). I firmly believe it doesn't matter what makeup you put on someone as long as the foundation is good, and by foundation I mean the base layer (your skin) not the makeup. Everything starts with the skin, if you don't have good skin as a base to do your makeup it doesn't matter how expensive your makeup is it will look rubbish, and on the flip side of that statement if you have fantastic skin you can use the cheapest products you can find in Boots or Target and it will look amazing. Everything is and always is all about the skinWhen I work with someone new I have no idea how they are going to show up and what their skin is like. Often peoples skin looks fine but as soon as I put makeup on it cakes as their skin is so dehydrated, so I try to give people the best base I can before applying any makeup so that the makeup will look as good as possible.

And this is what I do for everyone..

1. I start by cleaning their face even if they tell me they have no makeup on. I'm limited to products that don't need rinsing off and I always use La Roche Posay Micellar Solution. I trust this brand implicitly that it wont react with anyone and so far it never has.

2. If I'm not under time pressure and they tell me their skin is quite dry or they've had late nights/early starts or they've been travelling on planes I apply Sisley Flower Express Mask which is quite incredible. It only needs 3 minutes to work and doesn't need rinsing off, it's a makeup artists dream tool.

3. I then thoroughly massage Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum into the face and I really take my time doing this.

4. I then apply a moisturiser depending on the skin. I have a few different ones I use varying for oily skin to sensitive, dry or mature skin and I massage it in.

5. Unless someone has very oily skin or we're doing a very matte look I then apply Dr Haushka Toned Cream or one of my favourite primers which, again, I massage in.

and then I apply my foundation. I don't know how helpful this was but if you learn anything from this it's that massaging products into your face really does make a difference.


  1. I am going out and buying these products today! Thanks Annie :)))

  2. Hey Annie, what is your Favoriten BB or CC cream?
    THX for your advice

  3. Hi Danii, I have so many. if you put BB cream into the search at the top of the blog all the reviews of my favourites will come up, and i've done lots.
    However, this is one of my many favourites

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