I think I found another perfect product. This is my first Dr Hauschka product and I am so impressed, I cannot get over how amazing it is. It's described as a tinted moisturiser but It can be used alone as a day cream or applied, as I do, on top of your moisturiser. It give a healthy, radiant complexion that lasts all day that you can wear alone or under your foundation. It's transparent so it isn't providing coverage, it's more of a smoother with a tinted glow that any colour skin can wear. It suits all skin tones and gives a very light but radiant warm glow that really must be seen. It gives my skin the most amazing appearance, I often wear it alone or with a BB cream/ foundation over it and I've started to use it on all models before I do their base.

If you don't like to wear foundation this is the perfect product as it's barely noticeable on your face and hardly feels or looks like makeup going on, yet gives you all the benefits. And if you can't live without foundation skin looks incredible with this underneath. It's possibly not ideal for oily skin but it is perfect for dry and mature skin, and is excellent if you love a radiant glow whatever your skin type. This is a fantastic addition to beauty regimes, I really think this would be my desert island product. It also smells completely amazing which helps. A 30ml bottle will probably last quite a while, as it's such a sheer product you don't use very much. I've been using very small amounts as I don't want it to run out, but after 3 weeks of every day use on me and models it's hardly made much of a dent. They also sell a trial size bottle £4 which is a genius idea, I wish other brands did that.

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  1. I LOVE the smell of Dr. Hauschka products. It's one of my favorite "natural" lines.


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