My original 10 Best Mascaras post is one of my most read blog articles, I just recently noticed that it's over a year old and in the last year a lot of my favourites have changed. There's been so many new mascaras I thought I would do an updated 2013 version but like I said before, there are so many mascaras it's impossible for a blogger/make-up artist to try them all, you try a few but you always go back to your favourites. I have tried quite a lot in the last year and out of all of them (I wont name the ones that didn't make it!) these are the mascaras that I think are incredible.

My original advice still stands, when buying a mascara my general rule is ignore whatever claim it makes and look at the brush. Don't buy one of those really thick ones the cheaper brands tend to have, they're too big to reach the lash base and usually give you messy clumpy lashes that smudge. But don't go too thin as that wont build any volume. The ideal brush is somewhere in the middle and when you take it out there shouldn't be clumpy bits of wet (or dry) mascara on it. Start there and you'll find a great one in no time, and do let me know if any of your favourites match mine.

1. Max Factor Masterpiece Max £9.99/ $12.65 (still my all time favourite!)
3. YLS Baby Doll (23.50/$30)
5. Lancome Defencils £21/ $26
6.  Benefit They're Real (£18.50/$23)
9. MAC Zoom Lash £14/ $15 

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  1. Hi Annie, I have a mascara-related question. I'm not sure that any of my mascara is waterproof, if I got a waterproof mascara will it stop me getting those little black smudges under my eyes? I'm crap at wearing make-up (OK at putting it on, just not good at remembering not to rub my eyes!) and I end up looking like a silly panda. Anything you could recommend?


  2. Oh Jules! Nothing will outlast rubbing your eyes, not if you want it to come off easily! Little black smudges are avoidable if you put a loose mineral powder on the skin under your eyes, then the natural oils on the skin wont wet the mascara which leaves the black marks. A waterproof one will absolutely help do this also, but still not if you're rubbing them. if you can't avoid rubbing your eyes while wearing mascara get your lashes tinted. But stop rubbing, it's bad it spreads germs where you don't want them and causes wrinkles!

  3. Love Masterpiece for drugstore! For department store, I'm now voting for Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes, but am trying other mini-samples, so could change my mind any second.
    My Beauty Junction

    1. ha that's the way with makeup, but i always come back to Masterpiece Max in the end


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