I've tried a lot of tinted moisturisers, I am a total BB cream/tinted moisturiser junkie, they are my favourite type of base to use at work and on myself. I usually find the ones from makeup brands aren't as good as the ones from a skin care brand so I didn't really expect much from MAC when I tried these recently but they completely blew me away. If you read my Grazia article, follow my Instagram, Twitter or watch my YouTube makeup tutorials you will have heard me rave about Liz Earle Skin Tint as my favourite base in the world but finally I found another tinted moisturiser that is just as amazing. The MAC Studio Moisture Tints are excellent and one of the best I have ever used.

It gives a gorgeous glow that is thick enough for a decent amount of coverage for most peoples needs yet  it is still sheer enough to look flawless and give a  lovely gorgeous glow. If you find the Liz Earle too 'glowy' the MAC is just perfect and not as shiny if that's the look you prefer. It makes your skin feel great, contains SPF 15 (very important), so easy to blend and it comes in a leading 6 shades which is very impressive for a tinted moisturiser. I'm absolutely in love with these,  I really didn't think anything could sway me from my Liz Earle Tint but the Mac Studio Moisture Tints have done the job, I'm obsessed with them and I could rave about these ALL day.

Have any of you tried these yet?

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