It's no secret to regular blog readers that I love most French skincare brands and Vichy is one of them. Vichy and Dermablend (a brand that makes amazing products for covering scars and pigmentations) have an incredible foundation that, if you suffer from acne or have quite a lots of spots, really is the product for you. I cant tell you how many different foundations I have used in my career and I have NEVER seen anything work like this. Most thick foundations look extremely mask like, which I understand someone with bad skin would want to cover up as much as possible, but it never looks good and you can always still see the person has bad skin underneath. This product really is different as it perfectly conceals even the most severe flaws, including vitiligo and acne, without leaving any demarcation lines or cakiness. It just gives really even and natural looking skin.

It's quite heavy duty and only necessary for those who need a lot of coverage and I can't stress enough that a little goes a long way, so use very small amounts and build where needed. It blends so lovely into the skin so it really does give a natural and flawless result. I used this on a tv personality a few weeks ago who had quite bad skin and I was blown away how incredible this worked, you would never have known the skin wasn't flawless. It's also very long lasting, even under hot lights. Just be careful not to touch or rub your face- which is a good tip for anyone wearing makeup really!

Comes in 5 colour shades, not the best range, but it's such a fantastic price point that you could always mix two together to create the perfect colour.

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