It's freezing in London right now! As soon as the weather turns cold, like most of us, I start seeing changes in my skin. Most of us suffer from drier skin in the winter time so it's a good idea to change the products we use as the weather turns colder. My 10 Winter Skin Tips from last year still ring true, so have a re-read of that post for tips how to keep your skin looking great through the winter. This year I have focused on some of the fantastic new products on the market that are particularly kind and great for dry, winter skin.

Winter skin bible of products

This stuff is beautiful, I love the creamy, luxurious feel it has on my skin especially the face wash and serum. Both creams have that lovely classic Elizabeth Arden smell that I have always adored. This is an excellent range of products to see you through the winter, my skin feels so soft and smooth. I really like the cleanser is a slight exfoliator also.

2. Hydraluron (£24.99/$NA)
The holy grail of moisture. Even if you live in an igloo, if you use this you will literally never have dry skin again. The driest and chappest of skins owe Hydraulon a massive thank you. It intensively moisturises, reduces skin roughness and provides a soft, smooth and silky texture to the skin. If you suffer from dry skin this won't disappoint, I swear!

I cannot rave about this mask enough. You put on a clean face after you wash in the morning, 3 minutes later apply your moisturiser and makeup as usual..no need to rinse off which I love. This makes the driest of skins smooth and baby like, I have used this on many tv presenters and it instantly turns un-make-upable skin into the perfect soft and smooth canvas. Skin literally drinks in the mask and makes the perfect quick fix! Expensive but lasts absolutely ages and worth every penny. 

Another superstar product from Liz Earle and like all her products it works amazing. Suitable for all skin types, it soothes and deeply rehydrates the driest skins. Only need to leave on for 15 mins but I like to apply this before bed and leave on all night for a deep moisture mask and wake up to super soft skin.

The new updated fragrence-free formula is a dream come true, the old smell made me feel a bit sick. This legendary cream calms and protects skin and lips from wind, central heating and air conditioning, plus it soothes and calms minor skin irritations like roughness, redness or cracked skin. Basically it heals, moisturises and soothes practically anything dry or chapped.. a winter lifesaver.

A soothing balm to aid recovery of the skin, it has a highly reparative formulation for all kinds of skin issues including, but not limited to, chapped skin and intense dryness. It's anti-inflammatory and actively repairs skin. I was asked to test this product before it was launched so I've been lucky enough to have it for months. I have used this on so many people for so many different ailments from rashes, small burns, dermatitis flare ups, sore lips, dry patches on the face and body and it miraculously cures them all within a matter of hours, and sometimes minutes. I call it the wonder cream, it's incredible. 
I cannot rave about this enough, it's brilliant. If you just need a light coverage to even out skin tone and a few blemishes then this BB cream is ideal. It gives a really natural dewy, flawless look and stays put throughout the day. It's moisturizing, very hydrating and skin softening (without being greasy) so it's perfect for dry skin. Also SPF25 which is very important even in winter. 
Gorgeous light reflecting fluid foundation that is so lightweight it melts into your skin. It gives a lovely finish and glow and, even though it is a matt product, it's still excellent for drier skins. It has a lovely texture and gives really good coverage while leaving skin looking flawless. Comes in an excellent 17 shades covering very broad spectrum.

Similar to Nars Orgasm but much, much lighter. Gives a stunning pinky glow for all skin tones that is perfect in the winter when heavier makeup dries into the skin and cracks much quicker. One of my favourite blushers of all time all year round but particularly great for winter affected skin.

10. Revlon ColourBurst Lip Burst (£7.99 $7.49) and Clinique Chubby Sticks (£16/$16)
If like me you suffer from extreme chapped lips these products are life savers, they give lovely, lasting colour without irritating the lips. These are the only lip products I can use that don't make my lips dry. Both make lips soft and moisturised and they have an astonishing array of colours which all smell and feel gorgeous. Clinique Chubby Sticks are more matte/lipstick like while Revlon Lip butters are more glossy.

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