Strong, shiny, swishable hair, the holy grail of hair, is the one thing most of us want but don't have. Colour, hairdryers, tongs, irons, pollution, all these damage hair in some way. Haircare products, like all makeup and skin products, work differently for different people.. one person may swear by a product that makes little difference on someone else and there are so many hair care products out there it really is a minefield deciding on which are the best ones to buy. I have little loyalty when it comes to hair products, I'm always trying something new to see if there's something better out there for my damaged hair and, out of all the many, many, many different brands I've used, the following three are my favourite ranges out at the moment.
1. TRESemme Split Ends Remedy
I love this shampoo and conditioner (£4.99/$5.99 each), they're fantastic value for money at a whopping 500ml and it really works. It claims to repair up to 80% of split ends in just three uses and leave you with smooth, frizz free hair. I started using it after a hair cut so I can't comment on the repairing split ends but I noticed I hardly saw any new split ends over the whole time I used it (500ml lasts a long time) and I use a lot of heat styling tools. I also used the full range including the 3 minute deep conditioner and styling sealing serums and the whole range made my hair feel and smell lovely. I would definitely recommend this, especially if budget is a factor.

As a huge fan of Liz Earle products I knew this would be fantastic and it doesn't let down. Made from plenty of natural products, which I love, it is excellent on all hair types even coloured. There is one shampoo and three different conditioners for either oily, normal or dry/damaged hair (£8.50/$14.50 each). Pricier than supermarket brands for 200ml but you don't need much as it's quite a concentrated product. The range also comes with a Botanical Shine Treatment (£14/$27.50) an intensive moisturising treatment for frizzy, coarse or very dry hair which I love. As a leave-in treatment you would only use this once a week so it's a very cost effective 200ml bottle. If you have this hair type this treatment is excellent and gives amazing shine. The range uses various natural ingredients and they all smell lovely.

Most people are aware of Moroccan oil and swear by it, while I am a bit of a devotee to Argon oil. Regular blog readers know I love natural products so, while I wanted to love Moroccan oil, I found it far to greasy for me. Argon oil is a similar organic product that is excellent for dry, damaged hair, it encourages healthier hair growth, eliminates dry, itchy scalp, protects against heat damage and leaves hair super shiny. It's not oily or greasy and there’s no build up so the Argan Oil Hair Treatment (£17/$20 for 66.5ml) is excellent on all hair types, including fine and thin. The range comes with moisturising or volumising shampoo and conditioners (£12.75/$17 each). Again, much pricier than supermarket brands but the 355ml bottles seem to last ages. All the bottles are made of brown plastic which stops light interfering with and spoiling the oil. There's also an Argan Oil Hair Treatment spray which I particularly like for long hair. This is a fantastic range and does all this great stuff for your hair without making it greasy.


  1. How about hairbrushes? I would love a Mason & Pearson but before I splash the cash I need some reliable feedback!!!

  2. Mason & Pearson brushes and Denman brushes are both wonderful and really look after the hair. Worth splashing out if you use brushes.

  3. The owners will therefore recommend permanents to customers who don't really need them because the margin of profit is so much greater in proportion to the amount of time expended than the profit on cutting or styling.


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