Most of the products I use that are particularly amazing I end up writing about on the blog, but when I was prepping for a job the other day I realised there are quite a few products I never mention but I really rely on and think are fantastic. So here is a little list of a few products I love that I thought I would share.
1. Steam Cream (£13/$18)
I love this moisturiser. I don't use it all the time but when I do I remember how brilliant it is. It feels wonderful on the skin, smells so lovely and creates the most fantastic smooth base to apply make-up. I have only good things to say about this amazing cream. Great for everyone including sensitive or dry skin, except maybe the most oiliest of skins. 

2. Ben Nye Final Seal (£6.95/$7)
I'm obsessed with this, it's the best sealer I have ever used. Unfortunately I cant use it on TV jobs as it reflects an awful shine on screen but for any other time it is incredible. You could dance at a rave all night with this on and still look flawless.

3. Sisley Floral Mist Spray (£57.50/$93)
True luxury in a spray.. so refreshing and moisturising, it feels amazing on your skin and smells so good. I use this everywhere, on shoots to cool down hot faces, on me, on planes, on holiday, on the tube, after a workout... you get the idea! Can spray over makeup and it wont ruin. Expensive but such a wonderful treat.

I use this on myself, I love the handy size, the gel and the brush. It's the best gel I have ever used, it blends really easily but never smudges or transfers a black line on to the eye lid - a massive bug bear for me. I love the brush comes in the bottle so it doesn't dry hard and leave black marks on your dressing table or makeup bag. I also really like the size of the brush so the dirtier it is the more solid the line is. This is such a winner for me.

Love this! The most amazing nude tone for the eye. Goes on like a cream and dries matte very quickly. A very light texture, never creases and the perfect amount and colour shade.. this is my go-to product for myself that I wear most days. Excellent for correcting eyelid discolouration without wearing lots of eye makeup. 

6. MAC Pigment in Vanilla (£16.50/$21)
I probably use this on 1 out of every 3 jobs, that's how much of a staple it is for me. It's an amazing highlighter for eyes, brows, cheeks, anywhere. Definitely my go-to and favourite product to add shine and glamour to a face.

7. Top Shop Kohl Pencil (£4/$8)
Love this pencil, soft enough to blend a smooth line but never smudges or bleeds, something I find a massive problem with all eye liners on myself except this one. Truly fab pencil.

8. Alcone Makeup Remover Cloths (£25/$22 for 50)
I love these! Most wipes don't really do much for the skin, i always feel like the best I can hope for is that they wont sting or make my face sore too much. These wipes are nothing like that! They are so luxiourious and gentle, they remove everything including eye makeup and really make your skin feel soft and moisturised. I never use any other wipes on my face.

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