Something's been happening around the world lately and it seems to have taken over our young women. I'm talking about those ridiculous long, wide false eyelashes that are so heavy you probably cant actually see how awful they look, which they do, trust me. While I am a fan of lovely thick and long lashes I am not a fan of the full length false strip lashes I see a lot of young women wearing (since the start of TOWIE/Jersey Shore?). The perfect set of lashes should be thick and long, but not too thick and long, if they reach your eyebrows they are definitely too long. The bigger you go the more eye makeup you need and your eyes start to look out of proportion to the rest of your face, you need to make your lips bigger to match your eyes and now you look like a drag queen. It's a slippery slope. 

Too Big!

It all started because we wanted to have thicker longer lashes. As we get older our lashes get thinner and fall out much quicker and false lashes can look fantastic if used properly. I use them a lot in my kit and a few individually places lashes really opens up the eye, makes them stand out and look beautiful. But (there's always a but) eyelash glue is not great for your real lashes, it weakens them and pulling fake lashes off can pull out your own. Plus they can be very fiddly and messy, they're not exactly as easy as using mascara. 

Which is why I LOVE Magnibres!

Magnifibres is very simple to use; you put mascara on as usual, coat the lash with the Magnifibres, wait 30 seconds and coat lashes again with your normal mascara and voila.. a HUGE difference. It couldn't be easier to use and it really gives a fabulous false lash effect but also looks natural.. the best kind of product! The fibres bind to the lashes and the mascara coats around them making them appear much bigger yet completely natural. I've used this on so many people and everyone is amazed by it, it's brilliant I can't rave about it enough. Now you don't have to go from zero to Snooki, there's another really fabulous other option out there.

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