The London Brush Company is a boutique collection of hand made makeup brushes created by makeup artist Sian Richards. As a makeup artist my brushes are the tools of my trade and any good artist knows you can do great makeup with good brushes and rubbish makeup, but you can't do good makeup with bad brushes however great the makeup- good brushes are vital to your makeup looking the best it can be. I've tried many different brushes over the years and none have ever matched the look and quality of the old-fashioned long-stemmed bespoke professional Handover brushes I use and love, until I tried some from the The London Brush Company.

I first met Sian when I interviewed her at her home in LA a few months ago about her career for the 'Meet The Artists' section of the blog (she recently worked as makeup artist to Halle Berry on Cloud Atlas). She showed me her brushes and I fell in love with them. These are excellent brushes for a few reasons, firstly they are hand made from exceptional quality hair and are the softest brushes I've ever touched but mainly because they have been designed by a successful working makeup artist who created the perfect brushes that would help her at work. For example, the No. 10 Blush blender is one of the best blusher brushes I've ever used. The control and effect you get with a small blusher brush doesn't compare to the standard big fluffy brushes the beauty brands make and most women have. The powder and lay down eyeshadow brushes are also exceptional. A good make-up artist never underestimate the importance of brushes in their work but everyone should have great quality brushes - you'll be amazed at the difference your makeup will look.

London Brush Co. are available in US, UK and online for everyone, with a discount for pro-artists, and has a fully vegan range.

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