I talked about this product in my first youtube video of new favourite products (go watch it!) but, in case you missed it I can tell you that if you have short, gappy, rubbish eyelashes you will love me, yes love me, as I'm about to rock your world. I know you have read other posts and probably bought other eyelash growing serums and I can't comment on those as I haven't tried them but I have tried this and it is brilliant, it will give you amazing eyelashes. My lashes weren't particularly short when I started (sorry no before photos) but since using this they have grown to epic proportions, it would be crazy for me to wear fake lashes they are that long. I constantly need to wipe transferred mascara from under my eyebrows that's how long they are!

I was working as the makeup artist on a tv commercial a few months ago and my 50 something model had exceptional eyelashes and eyebrows, which surprised me as ladies of a certain age will know our lashes go rubbish as we get older. I thought she had eyelash extensions or false lashes, she laughed and told me that 6 months previous she had hardly any lashes or eyebrows, she had tried all the serums out there and they were so bad she was just about to spend £4,000 on an eyebrow transplant (!) when she spotted the M2 Beaute serums in Harrods and decided to try one more thing before going down the uber drastic route. I was blown away because her brows and lashes were incredible. Fast forward to me getting the eyelash serum and 3 months later mine are awesome.

It's super easy to use, you apply as you would a liquid eyeliner before you go to sleep and that's it. I haven't tried the eyebrow serum myself, if I do I will make sure to do before and after photos. The thought of never having to pencil in my eyebrows sounds like a dream come true!

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