Summer's coming- quick do something!

Those crazy people who get their legs out at the first sign of sun, even though it's 14 degrees outside, start a panic in me- there's bound to be at least three weeks soon when I won't be able to hide my legs away. Stretch marks and cellulite are probably the one thing that unifies women of all ages, from 15-55 every woman worries about how their legs look and that horrid orange peel skin that affects 95% of women.

We know diet and exercise are key to avoiding both cellulite and stretch marks but it's not a guarantee. Products can help alleviate the look of orange peel skin and stretch marks and my new obsession in this war is Payot Celluli- Ultra Performance Cellulite and Stretch Mark Corrector. Payot is fast becoming one of my favourite brands (posts on their brilliant anti-aging products coming soon), I'm impressed by every product I try.  Short of waving a magic wand and if you are diligent about using this every day on your target areas, I haven't found anything that makes a difference as much as this has.

£23.30/ 31.30/ $56 200ml 

Payot Celluli is an ultra-concentrated formula that a) reduces stretch marks, b) smooths appearance of cellulite and c) helps prevent both reappearing. The main Matrixyl ingredient significantly improves collagen production that makes skin smooth. It's packed with Vitamin A and B3 which block new fat deposits meaning no new cellulite (the dream). The calcium ingredient forces skin cells to correct and prevent stretch marks (my dream). Used regularly this fantastic product really does make a difference.

The product claims to wave goodbye to unwanted cellulite and stretch marks for good but I am a pessimist realist and if you're over weight, don't exercise and you have a bad diet this isn't going to give you 18 year old legs. However,  I'm not the most active person and I have been known to visit Nando's on occasion, but I have been diligent about applying Payot Celluli-Performance daily for a month and it has visibly firmed my skin. My legs are smoother and 'summer ready' and you can't argue with those facts!


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  2. Surgery is an option, but is expensive and carries the risk of side effects. An alternative, cost-effective option is to use Revitol Stretch Mark Cream. dermelastic serum


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